Friday, May 16, 2008


Okay, so obviously Monica (my sister) is much better at words than I am...and updating her blog. I'm still learning people! Somebody thought that Tyler updated the last one too, but it was moi! He only set it up, okay! Life has been good this last month. Monica graduated from BYU and it was awesome to see her. I love being able to see the rest of my family everyday so having her live in California has definitely been hard on me. If you can't tell in my deer-in-the-headlights pic, it seemed like a long graduation. That same weekend we had a tea party at my Mom's and everybody had to create, make, or bring their own hat. In my shame, I didn't have one until I was on my way to the party. I stopped by Krispy Kreme's and asked the lady for some hats. Tyler had dressed London in this darling yellow and white polka dot tea dress so I glued a huge yellow bow to the front of her Krispy Kreme hat. It was so fun! I beg of anyone who has seen Monica's blog to disregard my hideous shoe choice for that day because my feet were killing me and there was no way I was wearing heels! The next week both Danny and I graduated the same day. Tyler's mom flew in from Okinawa (She lives there with her new hubby, Bert!) to see me. Because my graduation was at 10:00 a.m., I really didn't think anybody but my mom and mother-in-law would come with London. (Tyler was out of town.) But, when I got there I was touched to see that Maddie had skipped school to come, my brother, Dean took off work that morning and he and his family came, and my Dad had scrambled the entire week for people to cover for him in order for him to attend the graduatiom and spend the day with me. (Wow, huge run-on sentence, sorry) It was so important to me for them to be there! Tyler's friends are moving to Budapest at the end of the summer so we are having a get-together with all of them before they go....When I say all of them, I mean all of their friends! I think we have four families coming from out of state not to mention the people who already live here to have a week a partying. We are excited! They'll all be able to see London walking. This is actually one of her first steps with Maddie and Daddy. Well enough of my babbling, I love you all and if anybody wants to be of service to me and call to tell me how to do this blog crap, it would be greatly appreciated! ADIEU!