Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring is here!

Yay!  I can't even tell you how excited I am to get into summer.  So many things have happened since the last time I posted.  London turned five, we went to a Jazz game and got to meet the players, Madden got a hair cut...the list goes on!  Let's start with the Jazz game. 
 Our friends, the Frei's, invited us to meet the players with them.  I really thought, okay, the kids will meet the players and then they'll be awful during the game and we'll leave. 
 Nope!  The kids were hilarious.  They loved the players, they loved the game, and London loved little Ryan Frei.  They're about the same age and literally had no issues playing kissing tag in front of their entire families.  I guess I've got a problem to deal with now! 
 But, seriously it was a great memory.  Madden's hair had become an issue with me.  Every picture I looked at, he looked like a hot mess. 
 His hair, when done, was curly, reddish, and beautiful.  But, more often then not, it looked messy.  
Case in point.  So Tyler and I cut it.  
Of course, we did a mullet first but,
 I had to have it cut all the way.
  Madden was totally fine because we sat him in a stool facing the TV and he was none the wiser. 
 I actually was a little sad to see those curls go, but you do what you gotta do, right?  During that time, Tyler's mom was in town and a couple weeks later his sister was in town.  
On London's birthday Monica came in town so we had lots of family activities going on.  London and I made her invitations for her cousins to come to her birthday party.  
She was so excited that by the time it was actually time for the party, she was exhausted!  
But, I was grateful that my family and Ty's were able to support Lewie on her day. 
 Otherwise, she would have had a very lonely party with mom and dad:)
 She wanted to have a birthday party like all of her friends, but I just couldn't muster the energy for the production or the planning.  
 That's really terrible of me to say but, I admit, I've been stressed and tired!  That's a mother for you, I guess.  While Monica was in town we were able to go bowling and enjoy our little Clara. 
 That night was so fun.  Madden and London thought they were pro bowlers.
  I realized that I've only gotten worse.  True story.
   It was a good thing that I brought snacks....for all the grandkids,
 because I think the kids would have gone crazy without any suckers to entertain them in between bowls.  
Madden was so strong...well he thought he was.  
He would grunt and groan while he carried his ball to the little ramp.  It was so precious. 
London got bored with the ramp and by the end of the night was chucking that ball for all she was worth. London and I were able to go to Luke's b ball game while Monica was here too. 
 Isn't Monica beautiful? It was a hilarious game. 
 I think Luke just wanted to run back and forth on the court and had no idea a ball was even involved. 
Easter was a wonderful event at my mother's.  She always does the best parties.
London asked Tyler a couple days before Easter if the Easter bunny was real.  
Tyler said, "Of course he is!"  She said, "But, why would a bunny lay eggs?"  Good question. 
 Oh well, it didn't really detract from getting eggs and candy at all!  Madden pretty much just followed me as I filled his basket.  As long as he was fed and entertained, he pretty much didn't care.
 And here are my angels in their Easter best.  So cute.
Yeah, see that boot on my foot.  I totally sprained my ankle running in the mountains that morning.  Good thing Madeline was there to carry me down!  I can't even tell you how sick I am of injuries.  I need a break!  I'm sure some people are curious as to my health, and I am feeling better.  I've been on medications and frequently have dr's appointments to regulate my levels and meds, so life is on the mend. That's also why I'm sick of the injuries.  It's just one more thing!  I think I was meant to live this life as a clutz.  I'm sure that if an entire year went by without me having an injury, I would be confused at to what I was doing wrong rather than right!
Here are some pictures of my sleepy boys. 
 Madden is slightly OCD.  
 He must line up all of his cars precisely.

That's all for now!