Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sunday Morning at the Park!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Ah, what a nice day it should be. To be honest, it didn't even feel like Mother's Day. I got up like normal, got London ready and went to church by myself like I usually do. It was fun to get treats there and hear the cute lessons on Mothers. When I got home London and I waited for Daddy to get home from the airport and what do you know, he brought me a dozen roses and a sweet card with money in it for a mani and a pedi. He did all the diaper changing and cleaned the mess after dinner. He rubbed my back and feet for a little bit, ah......what a hubs. I have to say he made an effort even if I didn't care. It made me feel special and I have to say thanks and I love you to him. I also have to give a shout our to my mom. My MOM is my best friend in the whole world. (Other than the hubs) If I'm having a bad day, there are ONLY two people who I can talk to, Tyler and my Madre. She is always there for me and helps with London as much as possible just to give me a break. London actually prefers her "mimi" over her mommy. For a woman with seven children, my mom has made each one of us feel like we're her special child. When I was little she would tell me, "You're my favorite ten year old." and I would think, "Oh yeah, I'm the favorite." Only later did I put the age into perspective. I really hope I'm a model parent like my own parents. There is nothing better in the world than a Mother's love and I feel it everyday. Thanks for being the best ever. My MOTHER-IN-LAW is such a sweetie. She thanks me everytime I talk to her for making her son happy and for being a good mother. She loves me and has never made me feel like the outsider of the family. London loves to talk to her grandma through web-cam and it's special to see that little bond a grandma and her granddaughter have even miles away from eachother. She is truly aware of her children and step-childrens' needs. I have to say, I admire her for how equal she treats ALL of us. What a woman. I love you and Happy Mother's Day to all!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

2nd update for the day!

So, London has figured out how to open her dad's iphone and uses it quite well. So well that she knows how to unlock it and slide the pages to where the games are. This is her one morning hiding in our bedroom upside down on our pillows with....that's right, the iphone. I'm still not quite sure how she got in that position. Another weird position for her last week was while watching "Thumbelina." London told Tyler what to do with his legs and then climbed up. This is the picture I walked in on. She was more than comfortable watching the show between his feet. Once she realized that I had the camera, she was all poses. The last weird thing London is infatuated with is her infant hats. I try to tell her that they are too small but, it doesn't matter. Even if they look like do-rags she looks cute with her eyes squished down. Well, lately I've really started to notice that I'm slowing down. By seven at night I could definitely go to bed and wake up at ten the next day. Unfortunately, London wakes up at the crack of dawn. Little things that weren't big deals now are and it drives me crazy! For instance, when I go to the gym I can perform all of my lifting sets with just a little more effort. But, bending down to grab my water takes my breath out of me. If I mow the lawn after the gym, I should expect to be out of commission for the rest of the day. WHY???!!!!!! I CAN'T STAND IT!!!!! There's a reason I haven't really written about my pregnancy. #1 I know I will sound like a complainer. #2 I don't think people really care about a pregnant woman's issues. #3 I feel fat and ugly and have purposefully avoided taking pictures of the budda. Well, Ty helped me realize that with London we documented with pictures pretty consistently and I have not with this child. So here it is, a 24 week picture of chubs. Enjoy....while I cry.

I'm a little behind....

Apparently I thought I posted about Easter but, I guess I didn't. We went to my mom's house for an Easter egg hunt and it was a blast. My mom had all of our little families bring a basket of something to hide (Like cookies, bags of crackers, cupcakes, etc.) and my mom already had other baskets and eggs for us to find. We lined the kids up but, I don't think they were quite sure what was going on. But, once we got going they were on a mission. Since Tyler was out of town and I wasn't very fast, my siblings were helping me get London some stuff. My mom had hidden a money egg just outside of a pipe and this is London shoving it in the pipe. My dad had to get a shovel to dig out some of the pipe and Mia ended up having to reach in and grab it. As a result, she got that well as ALL of the other money eggs. Mia got $42 and I don't think anybody else got any money. The baskets were hidden everywhere including this fire pit. London kept trying to grab more crackers. My mom had baskets of flip flops and outfits and family home evening folders. It was so fun. In the end, even Sammy got something out of Easter! We had a great time even if we did end up having smore's in the rain. It was an ingenious way to use our peeps!