Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Before and Afters.....

All right, I know you've all been waiting for my spring decor, but I've been discouraged to say the least. Color schemes, accessories, you name it, I can't find what I want! Oh well. I was able to fix a few things. I was able to change some curtains and pillows. I really want a new throw for my bed but, I just can't find the right stuff! I used a plastic friendly spray paint for the lamps. It should be an outside spray paint (for patio furniture) because it doesn't need priming! before
Before After Enough of those before and afters, let's get to London. The girl wanted her ears pierced. Yes, I did ask her all of the time, but truthfully it was just to get a rise out of my parents and Tyler. He decided pointedly that he didn't care if she got them done. My cousin's little girl got her's pierced and London became a walking tape recorder. "Can I get my ears pierced with a necklace and a new dress?" This became her daily begging statement. We told her if she'd be a good girl we'd see by Friday. Friday came and she was sooooo excited. I was way apprehensive. But, what do you know?! She didn't even cry and it was so easy! After the ear piercing, she promised to take a nap. London has this strange way of giving me affection. Besides the hugs and kisses, she rubs her hands over my cheeks. When she was doing this after her nap, I looked down at her pants and thought, "That doesn't look right." Tyler and I were laughing so hard and she didn't even know what was wrong. She just kept petting my cheeks! That night Mandy, Trent, and my parents came over and London couldn't wait to show them her ears. Of course, my mother was disappointed in me, but who the heck cares! She loves them! It was fun to see Mandy and Trent. Luckily, the boys were on the same schedule and entertained each other. Tyler's mom is in town so hopefully, I'll get some good pictures on that side of the family. London loves her grandparents! In fact, she took those wonderful stickers that grandma gave her and put them all over her body, the coffee table, and the carpet. Isn't that showing the love? The kid kills me....in almost every sense of the word. Madden is still our happy boy. Daddy clearly takes videos without me knowing....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I can't believe it....

After all my bisnatching and moaning and he still didn't do a post! You're in trouble Tyler b.!! AAH WELL! I guess, I'll have to do an update. Things are looking good at our household these days. I have to say, I'm in a much better mood since Ty's been home this week. We spent a couple hours in the yard the other day and I was soooo grateful that he was there to help. Our children are behaving well (most of the time) and our little baby is such a happy boy! I can't believe that next week he'll be eight months! Crazy! He has two little teeth and is starting to try to crawl. London has been Jekyll and Hyde. Some days she's an angel and the other days I have no idea what possessed the child. She'll be totally high maintenance, demanding her nails to be painted and her hair done! She's also picked up on ear piercing and begs for it daily. Then sometimes she's funny, plays by herself and is just down right cute. Here's a picture of the messy girl after her nap! Tyler has been working hard out on the road and on his website at home. He revamped the layout (thank heavens) and you can take a look at it here. I also have a list of projects for him to do..... I have been working hard marketing Ty's website and have actually enjoyed it! (Even if I have to work in the morning, right after the gym during lunch, during afternoon naps, and late at night.) Personally, I've been working on building muscle in the gym and have gone back to uber amounts of protein. A good tip though, if you warm up your protein powder and water, it almost tastes like hot chocolate! Yeah! I love that spring is here and I get to take down winter decor and attire and pull out the spring collection! I'll be changing these spaces and doing a few DIY projects while I'm at it. These lamps are totally not getting any love from me. I'll have to post the after pics later! If only I had a sweet new camera...as in a Canon Rebel XSi....What? I'm just saying! Tyler, don't give me that look.....Love you? Fine!!! here's a video of our happy boy.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tyler's turn.....

Since I've had a sleepless two weeks because Ty's been gone, I feel less inclined to update this blog the more I sit here. I'm also doing the marketing for his websites so I really don't think I should have to do this every time. So, without further adieu, Tyler it is your turn, your daughter is horrible, I need a break, can't wait to have you home tomorrow, and make sure that you actually update the blog this time. Love, your sleep deprived and grumpy-beyond-belief wife.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday Tyler!!!!!!!!

Okay, he's so going to kill me for writing that. He's been avoiding his 30th birthday so well that he even tricked me so that I couldn't make any plans for him! Also, I guess it doesn't help that he's been out of town.....hmmm..... Anywho, I love you, Ty, we miss you, and hope you have a good time on your birthday! There are so many wonderful things that you do for us: You're a perfect husband, attentive father, and great provider. Love, hugs, and bum rubs!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Holy Crap! It's been four years of marital bliss! Well, the morning of our anniversary (after Ty had been trying for weeks to get me to decide to go somewhere and I always said, "no") I woke up and said, "Let's go to St. George!" I think because I've been sick, somewhat homebound, and maybe a little depressed over all the stress, that Tyler jumped at the chance to bring me out of it! He said, "Great! You go to the gym and by the time you get back, everything will be taken care of." Seriously, the only reason I didn't want to go anywhere was because I didn't want to leave my children.If Madden wasn't so little, I think I would have jumped at the the opportunity a little more. But....realizing that maybe my husband needs some of my attention too, I sacrificed being with the kids and we had a great time! My wonderful husband knows me so well and pretty much gave me a dream vacation. We got to St. George and had a great dinner and then went to have some chill time watching movies. We ate an entire box of truffles. Then the next day, we went to Zions, regardless of awful weather, and did two pretty difficult hikes. We would have done a third hike, but the weather took a turn for the worst. The first hike we went on was the Emerald pools. We made it to all three pools before the snow started to fall. We continued to plow through the hike and finished in record time. Then we decided to do Angel's Landing. Needless to say, it was still snowing throughout the hike. Before we got to Walter's Wiggles, in addition to snow, the cold, and some rain, the wind began to blow. Did I say wind? I meant to say fight-against-bitter cold-strong wind. By this point we were soaked, cold, and my already-weakened lungs began to wheeze. Fearing the worst, we turned back. By the time we got to the car, a blizzard had begun. A little discourage that we couldn't finish the hike, we went back to our hotel and then went shopping, dinner, and a movie! I have to admit, we both got two scoops of ice cream and then later ate a bag of hershey nuggets. This has been the worst week of eating ever! I'm going to have a miserable week next week to work it off, but it was such a fun vacay being with the hubs. Even though I thought about the kids constantly, it was a needed time to be with Tyler. Love you babe and thank you! This last picture is what happens when London plays dress up with Madden. Poor boy.