Thursday, February 25, 2010

I hate Dumbo....... know how thoughts from your childhood carry into your adult years? For example, I always thought my mom had beautiful hands and I wanted to have long, delicate fingers like her. Also, I remember people commenting on how great my mom looked for having seven kids. In my childhood mind I was proud and wanted to be like that. Well, when I was little I also hated crying. To this day I despise crying. I guess, to me, it is a weakness. I bet Tyler has only seen me cry a handful of times the whole time we've been married. This said, I hated sad movies when I was little. Dumbo for one, Pinocchio, etc. Well, everyday after the gym I race home to feed Madden his cereal. At the same time, I'm getting London's lunch ready, hurrying to change a diaper, cooking my eggs or chicken (if that's my lunch), and entertaining a three year old at the same time. By the time the kids are fed and Madden is playing in his walker, I finally get to sit down and relax to eat......Did I say quietly? Because London never leaves me alone. She wants me to start a movie, or read a book, or get her crayons, etc. So this was happening the other day and I was frustrated with her. "London! Let mommy eat in peace!" I begged. She pleaded for me to read Dumbo to her. Eventually I obliged and began to read the story. I was hurt for Dumbo when he was teased and began to cry during the part where his mother reached through her bars and rocked him. Just typing this makes me teary. The whole time I read the book and cried I was thinking, "What the heck is wrong with me?" London looked up at me because of my shaky voice and remained quiet throughout the rest of the story. When it ended, I looked at my two beautiful children. My angels are my life. I suppose that motherhood has made me soft. But, I related to Dumbo's mother and ached for his suffering. I love my children. I'd hate for them to suffer ridicule like that little baby in that STUPID movie! At the end, London turned around and gave me a kiss and said, "I love you, Mommy. Thank you SOOOO much for reading that to me. You can eat your lunch if you want." Ouch. As my dad reminds me frequently, this time shall pass. So, I will gratefully and happily continue to read to my little girl even in the most inconvenient circumstances. But, I still hate crying and whoever wrote Dumbo has a sick mind playing with people's emotions!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The men in my life......

Sigh, my poor boys. Unfortunately, Tyler was getting sick this week and Madden sounds like he has RSV again! WTH!!!! Why? I don't know!!!!! So Tyler spent one entire day in his jammies, laying on the couch. Poor guy. Since, Mad wasn't feeling so hot, he was pretty cuddly. Sad...... at least Tyler got some website stuff done right? Oh, and I was able to cut his hair. I hate it when it looks long....and stupid. Sorry, hon.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

London's birthday


First let me say "Happy Birthday!!" to my sweet angel, London. She's three!!!!She wanted a picture of her hair and then took the camera to take a picture of her pasty mom. So, is it just me or am I getting worse in my frequency of blog updating? Okay, I'm going to commit to a resolution and try to update once a week. That said, let me give a run down of my life lately: First of all, I'm feeling better and the kids are too.....however, the hubs is starting to get our sickness. Hopefully, it will be better for him. Because we've been so homebound, we have tried to have little family nights for London because she, like me, gets serious cabin fever. We've been having picnics and movie nights in the family room. These pictures show us watching "Emperor's New Groove." Madden only wanted to cuddle and London laughed and laughed the whole time. She is such a funny girl. The other day, I was feeling guilty because I'm been distracted, sick, and just plain tired and have neglected my little girl. The solution to relieve my guilt was to have sole attention on London. I gave her a bath, blow dried her hair, straightened it, and curled it. As a result she became a vixen and told me she need pictures. I've got to tell ya, she worked the camera! I thought it was hilarious. For Valentine's Day I made London pink pancakes, pink eggs, and pink milk. She thought it was the best thing in the whole world. She and Madden got new red outfits. While I was getting ready I had put Madden on the bed. The next thing I know, she climbed up there and was singing to him. She is such a little mommy! Onto London's birthday: I cannot believe that three years ago yesterday, I had a little baby girl. It seriously seems like I had her yesterday. When I look back at her baby pics, I think, "Oh, it was so fun to dress her up!!!" On the morning of her birthday this week, I woke up at 2 a.m. to her screaming in the basement. I knew it must have been a nightmare, but low and behold, she had tried to go the bathroom and couldn't get her pj's back on. After helping her out and finally getting back to bed, she came upstairs ten minutes later. Since Ty and I don't let her sleep in our bed, she slept on our floor! London talks in her sleep....a lot. That said, we had a sleepless night. The first thing she said when she woke up was, "Do I get presents?" That was the line we got all day long. ANNOYING!!!!! She got a dress and a My Little Pony from Ty's mom, lots of princess and coloring stuff, and a purse, panties, quilt, and pj's from my mom. Wow, spoiled. We had a lovely birthday dinner of pizza and salad with a dessert of lots of cake and ice cream! My mom's neighbor got married and gave my mom two cakes! Needless to say, I did not make a cake. Instead we had ice cream (with wedding cake) and I put out bowls and bowls of toppings.....I had no self control people. None. Nada. I was sick last night. Oh well, it was a fun day and I can't believe my little baby girl is three. Don't blink.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Yep still sick....

I can't believe that I, who seriously never ever ever get sick, have been sick for this long. I've got to give kudos to all you people who catch every flu and cold that comes along because this is annoying! Last weekend my mother was kind enough to take me to Instacare because I couldn't breathe. I was put on a different antibiotic and about four other meds. Monday I woke up feeling just as awful and to top it all off I got a migraine. I believe that I slept 8 hours straight. Never in my life have I been in bed that long, number one. Number two, I don't think I've slept longer than 3 hours during the day that wasn't at least drug induced. So finally at nine p.m. last night after a day of nausea, ice packs, bed rest, and absolutely no food, I asked Tyler to get me an ice cream cone. The good man that he is hurried out of our house and got me the biggest, bestest, vanilla and chocolate twist ice cream cone he could find. Another unfortunate occurrence in our home is that Madden has RSV and they believe that the reason I'm still sick is that I might have it too. So, lucky for us we have a nebulizer for breathing treatments. I've had it!!!!!! On a positive note, Madden is surprisingly big for an RSV baby and seems to continually gain weight. What a good boy. London has been playing a lot with Madden and puts his blanket on his head, lays on him and gets him to laugh constantly. This last picture is for Grandma and Grandpa who are in England. We were able to talk to them on web cam a couple weeks ago. Miss you guys!