Sunday, August 14, 2011

Videos from McCall


Yes, once again it's been a month since I've posted. Tyler's family was in town the week before we left to go on Vacay.
We had so much food and get-togethers that week that I literally took a time out one night.
 I think my sister-in-law took this pic. McCall was fabulous once again. This was seriously a rare time when all of the grandkids got along and all of the parents were pleasantly surprised!  The kids were quite funny.  My niece, Ginger, also know as a spitfire, refused to be called by her name the whole trip.  She wanted to be called, "Purple."  So "Purple" is what we called her.  She was very consistent, I must say.  Monica and Brad had just had the baby before we left, so we were sadly missing them as well as Olivia.  Because there was now extra room in my parents' car, we rode up with them.  Can I just say two Tylenol PM's and 2 benedryl work wonders.  I slept all of the way to Boise and didn't even complain.  Tyler was thrilled.  I think the kids did well too...hmmm...The first day of arrival, Madeline and I went for a run because we were both sick of being lazy after the long drive.  Wow was it gorgeous.  I was able to go running every morning and enjoy the gorgeous scenery.
What a great husband I have for holding down the fort and letting me leave him and the kids.
The next day was church and pretty much half of us spent Sacrament in the hallway.
Our family tradition is to drive up the road and take family pictures.
London was torn between taking pictures and wanting to look over the bridge.
  In the water were two massive salmons stripped clean.
My Uncle thinks that they were cleaned and then dumped in that water but, that they weren't fished out of there.
It was funny how the best part of that bridge was tossing pebbles into the water for all the kids.
Papa was the coolest man ever because he had all of the rocks!
We went on a couple of new hikes which were awesome.
The first one I carried Madden up and Tyler carried him back.
I have to say there are no complaints from the grandkids.
I'm so proud of all of them!
That's said, they were all exhausted at the end of every hike. 
My favorite hike was up to Boulder Lake. 
We had a schedule to keep so we were in a bit of a hurry.  
My dad and I raced up the mountain (With Madden on my back) and got there in a ridiculous short amount of time.  
I was sweating so dang bad. 
Fortunately, my little Madden falls asleep easily in his carrier or else I'm sure it would've been a smelly ride for him!
Monday was a jet ski day and Mia and London were able to ride from the dock to our beach with Tyler.
I thought that Madden would love it! 
Here I am walking along thinking this will be so fun.
  Dean's putting on the wrist band and Madden is acting fine. 
We pose for the camera and off we went.  No...not so fun for Madden. 
As soon as I gunned the engine a little bit he started to scream his head off in complete terror. 
He turned all the way around and we ended up returning with him facing me! 0 for 1.  So next I took London out...0 for 2.
  Apparently she said I went too fast and we hit a wave and she bumped her lip.  I guess I'm not the favored driver when it comes to jet skiis.  One of the days on the trip, the men let all of us Mother's go out to lunch while they took some of the kids fishing.  
Unfortunately Tyler had been sick a day before this venture and as a result, I was pretty sick this day.  I tried to enjoy the ladies' lunch, but pretty much sat while everyone ate and shared a bench with Mandy (The preggers) while everyone shopped. 
The kids, however, had an awesome time fishing.  London caught one and was absolutely thrilled.  I love this look on her face.
Even Gabe caught one!  I guess Trent just handed him the pole to wave around in the water and he actually caught a fish!  So funny.  
We went rafting at the beginning of the week and Mia and Luke were able to come. 
Mia was on my raft and was so dang cold that if I didn't have to paddle, I had to sit with my arms around her to keep her from turning blue.  
We ended up being so cold afterwards that we never took any pictures!  Oh well, next year maybe.  The canoe day is always a favorite of everyone.  
Since we've had so many babies born this year some of the little families have been forced to split whose able to do what and who babysits.  

Luckily halfway through our canoe ride there's a dirt road next to the river. 
Emily and Mary were able to meet us there and switch with their hubbies so that nobody got left out.  
Mandy was a good sport and very pregnant!  
We did miss Monica, who had her baby literally right before we left on vacation.  
The water was surprisingly chilly even for this time of year.  
Last year Mary and I could not let the boys be the only ones who jumped off the rock.  
This year we looked at each other and didn't even care about the goading men.  
We were not going to freeze to death and didn't care what anyone said!  
I think my goal in life is to get a good picture with me and Madden. 
I think we literally took twenty pictures of him and me the whole vacation and not one of them is he cooperating!
Grr!  I'm glad that this year Madden and London didn't try to jump out of the canoe.  Usually I bring barbies and toys but I totally forgot.  
Luckily I had massive amounts of food and our kids stuffed their faces the ENTIRE canoe ride.  
London did ditch us to ride with Aunt Madeline in her kayak at one point.  
She's really letting me know that I'm not that cool.  
The last hike we did was to Louis Lake.  It was VERY steep. 
Ty carried Madden up this time and stayed ahead with my parents while I stayed back to help with the little kids.
  I was so glad that I had candy.  I kept telling London and Luke that if they'd make it to a certain rock or tree, then they would get one piece of candy.  Those kids were amazing. 
They were hot, tired, and didn't complain once.  They would just eat their candy, ask for a drink, and then go to the next check point.  I was so proud.  
The lake was gorgeous!  
I think it's my new favorite hike.  Of course, Dean got in the ice cold water and Luke followed dutifully.  I felt so bad because they were freezing the rest of the way back. 
On the way down Tyler found a snake for the kids to play with so I continued walking because I had a sleeping Madden on my back. 
I passed this little family and they asked if I was Mandy's sister.  I said, "Yes, is she okay?  Did she have her baby?"  They laughed and said that she was still pregnant and sitting in her lawn chair at the trail head. 
It was just funny that this family new Mandy's name and then they told me that had passed Camille, my mom,  two seconds earlier. 
I guess they were reassuring us all that she was okay.  Mandy did NOT have her baby on vacation, thankfully.  It was such a great vacation.  Thank you parents for loving us enough to have us crash your vacation every summer.  I love my family.