Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day!!!!!

Okay, prepare yourselves because this is going to be an uber long post. Wow has this been a busy week! Ty and I had two weddings, one wedding dinner, one reception, two family dinners, two family lunches, and one yard to help clean (other than ours) in addition to all of the other projects I have piled on our endless list! Where do I begin?.... I guess I'll have to comment on the changes of our little children because they are changing and growing so dang quick! Madden sleeps on his belly and is apparently already learning to pray! He is crawling everywhere and eating literally everything. We ate dinner at my parents and this is what he ate: 2 pieces of meatloaf, 2 servings of green beans, 3-4 pieces of cantaloupe, a strawberry, a whole roll, two hand fulls of bacon bits, and dessert. That was only dinner. He kept eating all night. I'm kind of worried because this is his daily pleasure. I can't even change his diaper right when he wakes up because he'll scream and cry until I give him his breakfast. In addition to his massive meal consumption is his massive attitude. We can no longer feed him. Therefore, I have to cut everything we eat and put it on his tray for him to feed himself. The cereal and baby food in my cupboard is now going to go to waste. We've quit giving him formula because he drinks so dang much and the expense is ridiculous! So him and London are now drinking whole milk....I must be a bad parent or something. My mom came over with Madeline last week and brought us some flowers. Madden was so happy to see Mimi and thought he was funny in his sunglasses. Mad loves his bitter-beer face and this is what he's doing in the pic. He smiled and posed like it was his business.London is speaking so fast and acts like a 20 year old. She tells me how she wants her hair done everyday and if there's a woman with a dress on the T.V. she'll say, "Mom, I really, really wish I had a pretty dress like that." I know, she's a drama queen and a fashion princess already. London continues to beg about us going to a water park and a day doesn't go by when she asks if it's open yet. She is getting very good at compromising and procrastinating. Her excuses are endless and are becoming quite creative. I have to laugh at some of the things she comes up with. For instance, she told me she couldn't eat dinner because her hands were sticky and she had to go to the bathroom and Madden would probably want her dinner anyways. Lewie is also speaking to me only in lines from movies whether or not they have anything to do with our conversation. Okay, on to our weekly mess of a schedule: The first wedding was at La Caille. Ty and I got babysitters so we could walk around the place and enjoy our night. After, we went right to his Dad's grave because it was so close. It was peaceful, spiritual, and just plain good to be out with the hubs. The next wedding was Ty's cousin. We went to the wedding dinner the night before where we had the best blueberry cobbler alive. I think I inhaled most of their leftovers, no joke. The wedding took place the next day at this really cute place with a beautiful garden and awesome waterfall. We took about a million and a half family pictures to get a good one. I guess you can't expect too much when you have two little children. I was happy that we got some cute ones with us and the kids separately. I looked at these pictures and actually realized how much London looks like Ty and how Madden somewhat looks like me! We even took pictures of Ty's sister and her family. Apparently London wanted to be in their pictures too! I'm so sorry that Madden tried to eat McKinley's face off! In the end it was a nice wedding and I was sooooo glad that our kids were good. London did ask, however, if she could be the flower girl next time. Every Memorial Day we work in my maternal grandmother's yard. Everyone worked hard and it looked awesome. The biggest events were that I got a little gash on my arm from branches and Ty "accidentally" weed whacked a mouse in half. Gross, isn't he? We went to graves and then to my other grandparents where everyone, I mean EVERYONE, ate way too much. On the way home Ty and I were talking about how we're going to adjust our eating the entire week to redeem ourselves of our horrendous day of consumption! Yes, it was that bad. I tried to take pictures of our exhausted, dirty selves on the way home but, they weren't that great! London promptly fell asleep due to sunburn and over-activity. I tried to reach behind me to take pics of Mad and he thought I was playing with him. He's so dang funny! Wow this is long! Okay, I'm just going to say I miss and love all of those who passed on before me. I love you all and have to say thanks to all those fighting in for our country! We appreciate you all!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What the heck!!!?

I know, I know, time flies and I haven't even updated. Seriously, I feel like I've done a post and the next thing I know, I'm completely behind. Well, our family has been going through a stressful patch as of late and decisions must be made and it's causing me to be even MORE forgetful and anxious. Tyler has been home so it's been nice to have him near. The kids are loving seeing daddy so much. I feel like I'm a visitor in their world because although Madden wants me most of the time, he and London light up when their dad comes in the room. At least I'm there to clean for them, right? My thoughts exactly. I walked in the study and found them all lying on their bellies while Ty read the kids a book. The funniest thing was that Madden was listening as intently as Lewie was! Our little Madden is crawling everywhere and has only had one tumble down the stairs....I'm the worst mother ever. Fortunately, he just slid down the stairs on his belly but, I still felt like crap. I've noticed several differences over boys and girls. When Madden gets hurt he cries for about one second and after being soothed, he'll promptly go back to what he was doing. London would cry and cry, need constant soothing and "oohh I'm sorry.."'s He can also beat up on London and I tell her frequently, "London, you're bigger than him. He shouldn't be able to hurt you." It's like teasing comes naturally to little boys. When I'm changing his diaper he rolls immediately and crawls away giggling hysterically. I just think it's funny that he knows he's being naughty! In addition to my daily habits I've had several projects. A clock, two urns, and a dresser, to name a few. The clock was an oak framed one. I sanded the frame and primed it with Gripper (it's a primer for already stained wood). I then painted it with antique white and used a dark glaze for a little contrast. The two urns had been outside in my driveway. I decided to use them indoors and bought new pots for outside. The urns needed a little scrubbing and then I sprayed them with a plastic friendly paint. Then I used the dark glaze again and wiped the excess with a towel. I have a couple ideas on what to do with these urns. I'm thinking the stair landing with some long branches for one but, I need some more ideas. Bueller? Bueller? Okay seriously, if you have any I'd appreciate it. I'll have to show you what I do with them later and the dresser because this post is way too long and you've probably quit reading! Here's a little clip of the man!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Well, tomorrow that is. So many things have been happening in our busy lives lately. Madden started crawling officially on his nine month anniversary/day. We had a family wedding on that same day, and London went to her cousin's, Mckinley's, to play while Ty, Madden, and I went to the wedding dinner. She had so much fun! Thanks for watching her Arycca! We had another movie night with London and she literally devoured a massive bowl of popcorn. Clearly, she was hesitant to share. Ty and London watched The Princess and the Frog while Madden and I practiced crawling on the floor. He's getting too big! London now calls Madden either, "Bud," "Mister," or "Mister Madden." Motherhood is great! I took pictures of Madden and London holding flowers for their grandmothers'. Unfortunately, this was right after nap time. We love you all and wish you a Happy Mother's Day. We couldn't give you real flowers, so these will have to do!