Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life is Good.

I've got two beautiful children, an awesome husband, a finished basement and a supportive family. All I need now is to lose a stomach and life would be perfect! Emily took some pics of us on Sunday and here we are in all our goofiness.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Just Pictures

Sunday my dad was released from the Stake Presidency. Dad, you did a great job and we all love you.I have been trying to take a picture of Madden everyday but, apparently I only took three on this day because we were so busy. Most days I've been taking them right before bed because I forget. Madden continues to be a sweet baby and a good little eater. I went to the gym yesterday and he was so good. I guess he got hungry but, was still a good little boy. I have to say thanks to my family and Tyler's mom for all the help. I think I'd be an insane woman without all of you. Today both the kids got their baths before 8:00 a.m. and I was able to clean the bathrooms before the counter top guys came. I'm so grateful for productive days. They are the best. I had to put a picture of the cutest socks ever. Miss you Ty. Loves.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

To Tyler:

Our little man is getting big in just a week and a half! In the time he's been home we've had cabinets put in, countertops measured, hardware picked and bought, carpet put in, London's bedroom set purchased and picked up, and soon granite installed. This is his first outfit being at home. If you count the hospital, second outfit. Let me start with the day we came home. My mom decorated our house and brought London home. This is her trying to get BACK into Mimi's car. Overall, the weekend was pretty good besides the fact that Ty and I were dead on our feet. We took London swimming and tried to make sure she felt that she wasn't replaced. London and I even had a little beauty session (Which we usually do every week) where I painted her nails and she picked my toe nail color. I even bought her a new dress and barettes so that she'd feel special too. She loves her little brother. She lays next to him and tries to treat him like a doll. I just hope she doesn't try to pick him up when I'm out of the room.... Anywho, we had some awesome visitors and greatly appreciated gifts. Remember that I was two weeks early and not quite prepared clothing and babywise to supply for this little boy. Tyler is already pleased with this boy because more than once he's been caught on camera watching SportsCenter. He's so proud. I hope you're reading this Ty, because this blog is for you. Madden is such a good eater and a calm baby. Even when he's hurting he doesn't really cry. I took him to the Dr's on Monday because his eyes looked so yellow. Good news was that he was just fine and the yellow would fade, which it already has! The other day the carpet was installed and the guys were here a little after nine in the morning until 8:30 pm. I had cabin fever sooo bad. Thanks to my mom for taking London that day. When Maddie brought her back we spent over an hour playing with Play Dough. We started to do mustaches and finally gave up. It clearly isn't where our talent lies. My brother, Dean and his family came to help me move the furniture back since Tyler's gone. I seriously couldn't have done it without him. It was such a relief to have some help. London had a fit when they had to go and Deaner apparently put them on the shelf on our stairs for a pep talk. I was nursing so Madeline must have taken this picture. Yesterday was probably the worst and hardest day for a single mother. I woke up hearing London say she was riding the horsey. I had discovered only the night before that when ticked off, she climbs out of her crib to yell at me through the door. So, when I heard horsey, I knew she was riding the rail. Dangerous and testing. I weeded the entire yard with Madden in his swing and London "helping" me weed. She ended up preening the driveway and garage (fertilizer). Later, I tried to lay her down for a nap and instead she climbed out of her crib at least four times and tried to beat me to a pulp. After she came out she immediately pushed some extra tiles I had out to be replaced onto the floor. Hence, she broke the tiles that were our replacements and chipped more that are on the floor. Right after that I was cleaning a mess she'd made in the kitchen and looked over to discover London playing in stamp ink. Fortunately, I grabbed her in time before she wiped it over everything. This is not even everything she did yesterday. I don't think I've ever felt so angry at Tyler and London at the same time as well as frustrated, exhausted, and near tears throughout the whole day. But, don't fear I'm going to be okay. Please just pray that London will be good to me. Ty, this video is for you.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

2nd Post

Friday was really our last full day at McCall. We went canoeing. I think the kids were kind of half and half on who liked it and who hated it with a passion. Here I got a picture of all the kids staring at an airplane. It's funny how they all have the same expression. London, like last year loved the canoe. She also took a rest at my feet (like last year) and frequently asked for snacks as is her habit while swimming or by water. This is her laying down between my legs. We always have a good time on this canoe trip. We have a tradition of jumping off this rock. Dean did a gaynor (s?) off it and I so wish I had one of those quick cameras to get the shots. Tyler and Dean took London and Mia and Luke across to the rock. It's ice cold water so they were not comfortable to say the least. London was so proud that her dad was jumping off the rock that everytime he would go she'd say, "that's my dad!!!" Shortly after returning to my side of the river, London took off her swim diaper and immediately pooped. This is her doing the walk of shame to the bushes with daddy to cleaned up. My cousin Walker has a reputation for tipping canoes. Good news was that he avoided our canoe because I wouldn't be able to get back in. Unfortunately for Libby, Maddie, and Katie; he was after them. Somehow they avoided him the whole time. Also near our little beach, there was a deer that seemed quite tame. Weird. I tried to get pictures of the family. Emily says that Sam is such a cheeseball. Whose the cheeseball now Em? So London fell asleep at the end of the ride by laying her on my leg. This was cute, but my toes were in a pointed position in order to support her head and that night, my calf was killing me! She even slept after we got out of the canoe. This is almost unheard of from this little child. We were all pretty tired at the end of that day. Can anyone say brothers?

Busy Week for Blogging

Since Tyler just left, I'm going to have to update him frequently on the appearance of our little boy. I hope nobody gets annoyed by so many posts. Also, I never finished the McCall Trip. So, I believe day four.... or five is in order. Okay, on Thursday we went jet skiing. My mom was not pleased that I considered getting on a jet ski. I promised I'd go really slow. I ended up having a pretty good time and didn't have to slow poke around the lake. I spent most of the time sunning on the dock. London was hilarious. She LOVED jet skiing. She kept telling Tyler that he wasn't going fast enough. When I took her out she said the same thing. Then she went with Mimi and Poppa and told them to "Go faster, go faster!" What can I say? We've got a wild child. Tyler got some really sweet shots of a pregnant woman's fat butt driving away on a jet ski. Fortunately, I'm doing this blog and that fat butt is history! Everytime I look at these jet ski pics I can't believe how big London looks. She's so big! After jet skiing we went to Ice Cream Alley. I don't know why but, my family has an obsession with it. I think Tyler and I went three times...or two. I can't remember but, it is delicious. London loved it. She even played in the garbage a little. She had a bubble gum ice cream and Luke kept saying, "London, can I have some? You can have some of mine!" I think he was impressed with the blue color. We were the last people to leave the Alley because London was not quite done. At one point I looked over and she had stuck her cone in the slats of the table. She said she needed a rest. London did end up finishing her cone, regardless of how full she was. What can I say, she's her mother's child.