Friday, July 23, 2010

Update 2 for the day, I know I'm awesome! We had a family reunion last weekend and Mandy and I were fortunate to be without husbands, thus we drove together. We had no idea there would be so much traffic. It took us an hour and a half to get there, and TWO hours to get home. On the way there we had a much needed potty stop on the side of the freeway with honking cars bumper to bumper. Poor London had no privacy. Then once again on the way home (Even though I took her to the bathroom before we left) we had to stop at a gas station for her to go. She's so funny. She makes friends with everyone and played so hard that she was exhausted and overheated. Look at that red face! At least Mandy and I planned the boys' outfits. We even stuffed them in the same stroller and shared binkie's and sippie's. That seemed to be a high note for a family reunion....

Another Update!

I failed to wish my sweet nephew, Gabe, a Happy Birthday! That little darling turned one and we had a special party for him. Mandy made him his own little smash cake and we all had hats. He was really unimpressed with his presents obviously, but at least London, Luke, and Mia were happy for him! We got the funniest picture of all the kids and Trent and me holding the little babies. You'd think that Trent and I were a couple or something! Only after we took it did we think that it might look a little strange. Madden was somewhat perplexed at the occasion but, oh well. He got passed around as much as Gabe did. Poor Gabe was so tired but, somehow reached right for his cake and dug in. He's the ONLY child I've ever seen go right to town. I guess we'll have to see how Madden is on his birthday in a couple weeks. Can't wait for that, right?! Anyways, Happy Birthday my sweet Gabriel.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Part Deux

I guess the good thing about having the Fourth on a Sunday is that you literally have three days of a holiday. So, Sunday was our second celebration. We met Ty's siblings, mom and stepdad, and step-sibs for dinner and early fireworks. Madden really loves my necklace as you can see. London loves her cousins but, McKinley loves to terrorize Madden. She crawled all over him and he'd just lay there and cry. He's already learned that the women are the bosses. It was so funny. We had a delish bbq in Ty's brother's backyard. London was loving the camera and having one on one time with Daddy. She'll tell us, "I'm jealous of you guys." She says this whether we're hugging each other or holding Madden. Clearly, that word has been abused a time or two. London also took way too many blurry and useless pics. At least she got one of mommy and daddy. When we did the fireworks, we did it when it was still light. London, of course, loved them, but this time Madden was not so pleased. He HATED the flowers. Everytime they'd start he'd scream and Ty or I would have to walk away. What a sweetheart. He's such a boy. Madden has started standing on his own and hopefully he'll want to walk AFTER family vacay. It's been a good month of July but, I really am ready to get out of Dodge. Can't wait for the vacation!!!!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Well, I feel sheepish...Part 1

Yes, I did it again. I've waited weeks to update. Okay my excuses this time include: Madden teething 5 teeth in a week, fevers and whining, Cherry Hill, my other blog, house cleaning, the gym, the yard, relief society lesson, you get the idea. Okay so I'm going to do better. I'm sorry. THE FOURTH OF JULY Okay, the Fourth, I went hiking/running with my dad and brother, Dan in the mountains. Madden took a nap before Ty met up with me to go to the Kaysville parade. Umm...I think that was the last time I'm going to that one. It was so crowded, so commercialized, and ultimately not fun at all. There was literally a lady stealing all of the candy and putting it in her purse and giving it to her kids. London didn't get any until I went and got Tyler and Grandpa Bert. Grandpa snagged a water bottle out of the air. Good thing so men are tall. This lady literally grabbed a piece of candy between my legs! What a witch! Madden hung out most of the time with Mimi and Poppa. He was so tired and grumpy. Poor guy. Aunt Libby came too and helped with the overheated children. Wow, hotter than heck. My dad literally fell asleep at the parade because he hates it so bad. Who falls asleep during a parade? I guess when you don't really care about it, why not? The day was spent making cookies, eating way too many and then going to a BBQ at my Aunt's house. Luckily, they live right by my Great Uncle who lives almost on Eagle Wood's lawn. It was quite the firework show. I thought Madden would cry but, he and London were laughing and clapping their hands. It was so sweet. Well, I have a date with the hubs at the temple, so that will have to do for part one. I'll really try to do better peeps. Oh wait I need to put in funny things that London has done. When Lebron announced he was going to Miami, Ty yelled,"MIAMI?!" London said, "NOT your ami, MY AMI!!!" It was so funny. She also told me that my garments were beautiful jammies and that my hair needs a brush.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Well, this is embarrassing.....

I've been crazy busy this summer and obviously the result is a neglected blog. After father's day, it was my dad's birthday. We had a swim party before the bbq. I was so sick of getting in a suit from Cherry Hill that I sat out and enjoyed the shade for once. It sure seemed like nobody was cooperating with my camera taking. Even London couldn't keep her eyes open for one dang picture! At least Madden was happy! So, I guess the monthly changes with our family include: London's learning to fake like she's asleep, Madden's gotten another tooth, he's eating more than London, (If not grabbing at her food and finishing it all together.) and he's walking around furniture like crazy! He's definitely a grabber regarding hair, food, and ANY clutter on the floor. London has a sudden terror against any creeping/crawling thing. Yesterday she was screaming and sobbing in genuine terror over a moth. Ty and I laughed so hard and then told her it was a butterfly. She started crying and said, "I hate that butterfly." Same thing happened at Cherry Hill. She ran down the ramp into Pirate's Cove sobbing and screaming all the way to my chair over.....a butterfly. The other day I found ants in the kitchen (only a few) and London was so upset. I got out some Raid spray and told her not to let Madden crawl over by the wall. Then the drama began and she started to cry saying,"I don't want Madden to crawl by the wall and die like the ants!!!" It's such a dramatic life. Madden is talking more saying Ma-ma, Da-da, Lunun (London), Go, and that's about the extent. He loves his food and is atrociously messy when he eats. He loves his cousin Gabe, and they try to take whatever the other one has! We also gave him a haircut! His first! Now he looks like a little boy and not my baby! SO SAD! Well, I vow to do better at updating so I don't forget all of the funny thing my kids do! Here's my little Mad after a fight with a Nutrigrain bar.