Saturday, November 22, 2008


So, lately London has been putting things in the garbage and taking them out. Tyler gave her a chocolate covered cookie today. After eating a little bit, she put it in the garbage and walked over and wiped her chocolatey hands on a towel. Then she went back to the garbage took her cookie back out and then proceeded to eat it. It's funny that she hates her hands to be dirty, but doesn't mind that her food is.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


This week I've been pondering and preparing a lesson for my Beehives on preparing for change. I have to explain to them that change is inevitable whether it is desirable or undesirable. As we all know, the only thing constant is change. It has really hit me that some change can be a blessing and a curse. From the moment I laid eyes on London, it was love at first sight. I knew my life was changed forever. My little angel, so full of joy and gibberish is learning so quickly how to speak in sentences. This change has brought me pride and joy....and sorrow. She will never be an infant again, so entirely dependent on my love and attention. But, she will call me by name and tell me she loves me everyday. She can tell what she wants and that she missed me when I was gone. Change, good or bad, may be inevitable but, it doesn't mean that I can't hate it and like it at the same time. Marvin J. Ashton said, "...Many of us are suspect of change and will often fight and resist it before we have even discovered what the actual effects will be..." So fight like a warrior I will, but only in my mind, because I know she will only continue to grow. Her growth may and will cause me pain but, nobody can take those precious first years of her life away from my memory. I love you Lewie.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Wedding Dresses! Oh my!

So, how often do you get to wear your wedding dress (for the second time) the same day as your sister. A rare thing my friends! Mandy and I wore our dresses for my mom's young women. As much as I despised being in my dress again because it is oh so uncomfortable, it was pretty fun and memorable. I'm thrilled that Mandy married such a supportive and loving husband (like mine) who came to see us. She deserves the best and I can say that she got it! I love you Mandy and as always, it's fun to be your sidekick!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Oh what a fun holiday! We spent the Saturday before Halloween at the zoo where London was able to wear her costume and get treats while seeing the animals. My friends Megan and Abong came with their kids! Oh so cute! Kyson, Bong's little boy, was a cute little turtle. That night we had the yearly Simmons' Halloween party. I have to say that Tyler and my costumes were the best. Who can beat Wayne and Garth? Seriously?! London was a princess and loving it. Funny enough, Mary and Emily and Sam were all cows. If you can't tell what Mandy and Trent are, they're McCain and Palin...Lame. In the end, my mom pulled off a sweet party. Thanks for going to all that work. As always, it was a blast being with the fam. We missed Olivia, Monica, and Brad. Love you guys!