Friday, August 29, 2008

Sick week!

Okay, so last week my entire family got sick. Wednesday while at the gym, the daycare workers all ran towards me in a panic. Apparently London threw up everywhere. When we got home she acted fine all day. So, I took her on some errands and after much thought, I got a milkshake. I then got a call from my mom asking me to meet her at her house. My dad was sick driving home from work and didn't think he could make it. I guess she needed my car. As I'm taking London out of the car, she gives a slight whimper and projectile vomits everywhere. I grabbed her and the melting milkshake and ran for the house. It was locked. I told London to sit tight (She was covered in vomit) and put the shake on the top step while I ran back to the car to grab a key. As I'm running back I see the most hilarious scene as London, covered in throw up, is in full sprint mode on the porch towards the milkshake. I got there just in time! The child is hilarious...even while sick. Later that week, after I said I never get sick, I got what London had as well and the rest of my family. Luckily, they took London to the rodeo...and left me by myself. C'est la vie! Here are more pics of the wedding from Danny and Emily's camera. Enjoy! Here's Danny and Emily. She was due yesterday and still no baby! Don't worry Em, he's gotta come out sometime! A little Mandy and London timeMy nephew, Luke and niece, Mia.Me and the hubs. Two goofy girls.Huh? You want another picture?!Redneck weddings anyone?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tagged again!

Post these rules on your blog. List: 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog! Okay, I've been procrastinating this so here it is: 3 joys 1. my family (London, the hubs and my siblings and parents.) 2. my house 3. London's's really cute okay?! 3 fears 1. my family dying 2. Getting raped while Tyler's out of town and nobody being able to hear me. 3. Losing focus of the most important things in life. 3 goals 1. To never be considered lazy 2. To be financially stable and secure 3. To attend the temple at least once a month 3 current obsessions. 1. chocolate as always....but lately milkshakes from jake's. 2. The gym 3. reading....I'm a nerd. 3 Facts 1. I'm a hothead. 2. I'd love to have more girls!....boys are good too. Motherhood is very rewarding. 3. My husband and I are as affectionate as newlyweds and always will be. He's the best. I tag: Amy, Sarah, Monica, Quincey, and Maren

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wedding Day!

Mandy, my sister got married yesterday to Trent Nelson! Hurray and congrats! It's crazy how huge our family is getting. The wedding dinner proved just how big we've all grown (In a number sense, not lbs.) The dinner was so fun. All of my favorite people were there, my siblings of course, and we were able to have the spotlight in order to make fun of Mandy. It was hilarious! Tyler was giving me a hard time about smiling seriously for pictures. I guess this is what you get. Anyways...Part of our family tradition is to give a gift to the individual getting married and the gift has to be associated to them in some way. Almost all of us referred to Mandy's love of romance novels. I gave her a dirty book but, Libby's was the best. Libby printed Trent's face on a couple Fabio pictures and I have to say it was classic. Also, Dean's little baby Ginger was there and everyone had to hold her. She's a Mia and London twin. The wedding was beautiful especially since my grandparents flew in from off the mission so grandpa could do the sealing. My parents' yard looked amazing! I don't have any pics of the yard because by the end of the day I was sick of clicking the camera. London and I made sure our nails were painted for the occasion! Tyler, Dean, and Danny, and my cousin, Trenton, literally ruined Trent's volvo with decorations. I can't imagine what he was really thinking when he saw his car. Libby blasted Marvin Gaye when they left the house. Oh, such memories but oh what a long day! Dean and Mary just got back from Cali and had such wonderful glows!This is my dad's brother, David, my dad, me and my sister Monica. Since her hubby had to work this weekend, she pretty much stuck to Ty and I! It was fun, fam!

Monday, August 11, 2008

San Antonio

Okay, so Tyler was gone for two weeks and I decided to fly out to San Antonio to see him. First of all, after I landed and caught a cab to the hotel, the hotel couldn't find my name. I called Tyler a million times and his boss called me back. Wrong hotel. After walking with my luggage to a new hotel, I tried to find a hotel card for my room there. I begged the kid to just give me the key to the room number which he hesitantly did. I get up to the room and....wrong room number. After multiple phone calls again, Tyler's boss told me the correct room number. The new girl at the desk refused to give me my room key because Tyler gave the key and said this is for my wife. No name. Therefore, with no identification to link me to the room, I ended up shopping for four hours. By the time Tyler got done working that night, I was so infuriated that I couldn't care less whether I saw him or not. My feet were killing me, my back ached, and I had been too angry to buy anything. C'est la vie. Well, the next day was better. I went to the gym, caught some rays, went shopping, and went to an Imax movie...all by myself. That night we went to the Alamo and it was awesome. I hope that someday I'll go back to San Antonio, however, I doubt that I'll ever have the desire to meet Tyler at work again. Love to all! This statue had all of the names of those who had died during the siege. It was huge! Also, there was amazing stone carvings done at the base. Inside the walls of this fortress there was a huge garden and amazingly well kept buildings that truly had a historical feel. This tree inside the gate was huge! Its' branches covered the expanse of almost the entire courtyard!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Family Vacation!

Oh, McCall!!! I love it folks. My entire family came including my Dad's sister and her kids...with their kids. We had a total of 31 people. I was so depressed when the vacation was over that I cried the Sunday after we came home because I love being with my family that much! Clearly London was bored driving. Okay, so the week went like this:

Sunday: we went on a walk/hike and to church outside in a barn. Monday: I went hiking while Tyler stayed at the condo with London. My mom and I ended up hiking with Brad and Monica and the rest got left in the dust! Sorry! Tuesday: Play day, guys went golfing. We also went wake boarding and London fell asleep on the boat. London had a hard time wanting to put clothes on... the entire trip. Wednesday: Rafting! It was so much fun and my parents' stayed behind with the kids. Ice cream run. Thursday: Jet skiing, played tennis, and ice cream run. Friday: Canoeing! London also fell asleep in the canoe. Cliff jumping and we saw two eagles. Can you find them in the tree?Another ice cream run...don't judge me. Saturday: We came home!! I was so sad. This is London talking on the ride home: