Monday, October 27, 2008

High School Tag...Oh boy....

Okay, I just discovered that my two friends, Sarah and Jodie, tagged me quite a while ago and I was unaware. This is the ugliest H.S. pic ever so enjoy my humiliation. Here goes: Did you date people from your high school? Sure did. What car did you drive? The ugliest '89 Chevy S10 Most embarrassing moment? So many....ummm probably losing my shorts in the middle of gym stretching. Kill me now. Were you considered a party animal? Nada Were you a flirt? Ummm... I enjoy the opposite sex, so probably. Were you in band, orchestra, or choir? Choir! Oh yeah! Ryann and I loved that class. Were you a nerd? So-so. Did you get suspended or expelled? I don't think there has EVER been anything I would even think of doing to get that sentence. Can you still sing the fight song? Unfortunately Who were your best friends? I'd say Maren, Ryann, Ike, and Josh Where did you sit during lunch? Josh's car School Mascot? DART Did you go to Homecoming? With who? Blair Willis (Funnest dance ever!) and Ladd VanBrocklin If you could go back and do it again would you? Not on your life. What do you remember most about graduation? Ryann and I singing in choir and crying at the end of it...even though I never want to go back. Where did you go senior skip day? No idea Have you gained weight? Lost Who were your prom dates? Kellen Fowler and Ben Ricketts Are you going to your 10 year reunion? I don't know! We'll see what friends can get me to go! I guess if Sarah, Carly, Jodie, and Ry go....I'll go. Looking back what advice would you give yourself? Oh a ton. Don't let fear get in the way. Everything gets better. Date more. Play more. Do more homework. And I'd give myself a smokin workout routine! HA HA!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Causing Mischief

I can honestly say that I've got an adventurous child who enjoys teasing me. The other day I was running around looking for her only to discover her legs peeking under the clothes in our hall closet.London quite enjoys playing in Daddy's suitcase. Unfortunately, I didn't notice how tired she was until she'd fallen asleep on her knees with her head in the suitcase. London especially loves playing in the washer and dryer. Particularly when I have the wash going, she pushes all of the buttons...this is frustrating because most of the time I have to restart it! The child continues to amaze me with her lack of shame. What can I say? She's an exhibitionist. She has also learned a little trick about the Utes and Cougars from her daddy. Sorry, if anyone's offended about this. I can't control my husband....or my kid.


Okay, I don't go to highschool, but I still experienced a UEA. My mom, Madeline, London, and I went to Park City for a night. We went shopping, swimming, and to the Olympic museum. London was such a trooper. She took pictures with mommy and apparently...she went skiing.She thought that she was pretty funny. We went to the World Market and can I say that I could really get in trouble in that store. But, much to my husband's relief, I only bought two huge baskets for Loddie's toys. They're the two baskets on the floor. Seriously, I think London is more frustrated with the lids than anything. The next day we went to my grandparents house to clean their yard. They are getting home from their mission in a week. London was so excited before we left that I couldn't get her to take off her coat. She was so happy to be waiting for Mimi and Poppa to come get us but, so tired to take a nap that she just laid on the kitchen floor.

Friday, October 17, 2008


I am sitting in a hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming and contemplating the blessings in my life. I think that there are far too many times when I take for granted all of the things that I have in my life, and get caught up in those "woe is me" moments. I am so grateful that the Lord has seen fit to bless me with a wonderful friend and companion that constantly helps me to see the light. I wanted to just send a quick note to my sweet wife and let her know that I love her and could not enjoy my life without her in it. I am so blessed to have such a wise woman to help me in my times of weakness and provide such a good example. I have been blessed in so many things that I sometimes take for granted what I have. I am so lucky to have a wonderful job that provides for my family in these troubled times. I am blessed to have amazing friends and family members who continue to enjoy good health and live good lives. I am so thankful to have a little angel that calls me daddy and brings a smile and sense of pride to me every time I think about her. I am blessed to have the love of Shelley, and everyday thank my Father in Heaven for her. What a great joy and source of happiness she is to me! I love you Shelley and miss you dearly. I can't wait to come home and be with you. Thank you for being the mom, wife, and woman that you are. You are my perfect example of how to live like the Savior and I am lucky that you love me. Thank you for all that you do. See you soon!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Early Birthday Present!

As most of you know, I begin my birthday and Christmas lists 11 months in advance. My husband, who is most accommodating almost always gets me what I want plus a few surprises! That sounds like I'm demanding and spoiled but, in all honesty, most of my requests are in the forms of, "Oh, that looks cool!" or "That would be nice to have!" Since I have broken two previous iPods, which I swear wasn't my fault, I assumed I would have to be content with one that shows no screen. My husband and I have a problem with showing each other gifts in advance. The truth is that we're so excited to give them to each other that we just can't and don't wait. Tyler went to the gym after I did the other day because London was sick and we had to rotate. When he got home I was taking a nap on our bed. He promptly woke me up and said he had a birthday present for me. Of course I was thrilled and shocked to find a purple nano! People, you shake it and it literally shuffles the songs! So, in much gratitude, I say thank you and love you to my ever attentive spouse!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

What a Week!

Well, my sweet husband came back from work and it has been so nice to have him home. He might not say the same because we've been in the yard working everyday! Tuesday, I was feeling a little sick of the gym. We took London in a backpack and hiked Adam's canyon. It was so fun! London loved seeing the waterfall. She kept trying to catch the mist from the waterfall in her hands. She was so tired at the very beginning but, stayed faithfully alert with her head on Daddy's back the whole way up. Fortunately, the ride down lulled her to sleep. At least we got some family pics thanks to the self-timer on our camera! That night we were all tired. London is a heavy girl! But, of course, she was the first one asleep promptly at 7:00 on Daddy's lap. What an angel! Thursday, my entire family went mini golfing at Cherry Hill. (Except Monica who is sorely missed.) It was so fun. London tried so hard to pose for any picture. She just couldn't quite figure out which one the camera was to look at! Luke, London, and Mia were hoots. Luke pretty much just ran around dipping his club on fountains and climbing on all the props. Mia got upset when her ball wasn't doing what she wanted. London was too excited to do anything but attempt to hit her ball in a spastic manner. At the end, all the grandkids climbed into an outhouse with Aunt Mandy. Now if only they could give me a good picture....