Saturday, August 14, 2010

McCall Post!

I'm finally getting to our vacation! It was probably the best vacation to date. We stayed in an awesome house that was literally alone in a cul-de-sac. The kids were able to run in and out of the house without a care or a worry from a parent. When we got there we took a walk down to the park. Luckily I had Ginger there to help me push an empty stroller. Madden wasn't too impressed with the slides. The next day was Sunday. My mom made the comment that people were probably staring at our huge family and trying to figure out whose kid was who. I really doubt that any child sat by their own family. We later when on a drive and a small hike. Clearly London didn't want to get her pants wet, so she took them off and went in her panties. Madden was such a little trooper in his new hiking backpack! Monday we went on another hike. I carried Madden up in his backpack and Ty carried him down. Unfortunately, I also carried London down because she did the whole hike up by herself. She's such a tough little girl! My little family was so tired that London actually fell asleep in between Luke and Mia while watching a movie. When I tried to find Ty and Madden, I found them also asleep. It was actually a nice little peaceful moment for me. I'll probably mix days together but, we went rafting and to a play for a change from our usual McCall to-do list. Canoeing is always my favorite day. Luckily, our kids tan like me but, get overheated like Tyler. I was glad he put sunscreen on them. Remember how every year London falls asleep between my legs in the canoe with a towel/tent over her? Well, this year it was Madden and my poor little London was tired and feeling neglected. So, we brought Mia in our canoe to play barbies. It was a pretty good deal. I was kind of ticked because all of the men jumped off the rock and there were no ladies doing it. So, of course, Mary and I couldn't stand to be shown up. We were the only girls to do it, and are there any pictures of us? Nope. The selfish men just couldn't bare to have it on record that we did it too! Dumb people! Oh well. It was pretty funny that when Ty jumped, London yelled, "Go Dad!" But, when I went to go jump, she sobbed and was yelling, "Come back! Don't leave me, Mommy!" I'm just going to say, she loved me a little bit more that day! ha ha! We also made several trips to Ice Cream Ally, which might explain partly why we gained five lbs. I'm also guessing that it had something to do with the availability of cookies, candy, and junk food in general. We did, however get to work out every day in the cul-de-sac next to our house doing drills. It was pretty fun but, seriously a mind game to do on vacation. Good for us, right? Anywho, the last day some of us went to the lake. Some of the men went golfing...again. London was completely oblivious to where she was in the lake and got way far out. She didn't even care. Madden continually ate the sand and drank lake water. He loved it too! I'm starting to see that Dean took care of my kids about as much as I did! Oops! Ginger's diaper was so full that we had to take a picture. She waddled like a little duck! Nights were spent playing games and Sporkl on the internet. If you haven't played it, don't. You'll be addicted. My family is awesome. I felt like crying once vacation was over. We look forward to this week all year long and it definitely ended way too soon. London said when we were driving away, "I had so much fun with my cousins on 'acation." Me too, Lewie, me too. Mia, Luke, and London were so funny. They would literally be in hysterics, laughing over anything. It made everyone else laugh. Ginger and Sam kept us entertained by their cute little antics. Ginger is such a stink, she would hide hats and reveal them at her own convenience. It was hilarious. I miss it already. I love you family and can't wait to do this again. You are all my favorite people and I'm grateful for an awesome fam!