Monday, September 26, 2011

You Want to Know Something?....

The reason I haven't posted in so long is because I'm overwhelmed with all that I need to post about!  Yep, I didn't even write about Madden's birthday or my new nephew OR my new niece!  I'm horrible.  Monica had a sweet little girl, Clara, who we were able to enjoy just recently.  I'll post more about that later.  
Mandy had little Jameson and as a result, I had Gabe quite a lot!  He and Madden decided the dolly stroller was the way to go.  They'd push each other through the house and scream while doing it.  Tyler and I laughed so hard...until the stroller broke.  
They were both very upset about that.  But, Madden got some sweet toys for his birthday! 
His grandma gave him some golf clubs that he is just crazy over.  He literally does a  full swing in our basement and I can hear him from upstairs whacking that ball around.  
Mimi gave him a truck that he pushes everywhere and Ty and I gave him the tiniest bike and some guns.  We had a little party at my parent's house minus my mom. 
Madden was so funny when he got his guns.  He immediately started walking like a cowboy.  You could tell he felt like a big boy with those guns.  
We actually gave him his bike the next day because we didn't get home until later.  Madden went crazy!  I mean screaming and laughing, he was hilarious. 
Even though the bike was tiny, the seat is just a little too high.  I guess he'll have to grow into it!  
As of late, Madden and London are finally beginning their sibling jealousy.  They fight constantly over trucks and cars but, if the other one is hurt, they're quick to comfort.  Madden calls London either Lunun or Gicker (sister).  
He's been talking quite a bit.  If I compliment him on speaking well, London gets a little hurt that I didn't compliment her.  Ty and I have to be very aware of what we do with one child, we have to do with the other because they're THAT sensitive.  
London even had to have her own picture of her posing on Madden's birthday because we had taken more pictures of him than her.  Aw, the future is going to be great :)