Sunday, April 17, 2011

Finished Projects.

Well, let me do an update on the family first. London is getting so tall and thin! She wears size 5 or 6 in little girls and I'm amazed at how her pants keep shrinking in length! London is obsessed with babies. She loves her new neice, Ellie, and asks daily for a little sister...still. Poor child. She held Ellie for a long time during General Conference, and was so proud of herself! I finally finished the bathroom where London ripped the towel rack out of the wall. I put on a mesh patch, covered it in a joint compound, sanded, and repeated! I picked a blue-grey paint for the bathroom and love it! It was such a relief to get it done! Here's a before shot. And the after. That was my first project. My second project for the week was filling that urn I had painted and glazed. Wasn't it so ugly before? I filled it with styrofoam balls and squares. I then cut my faux flowers with wire cutters and packed them in the styrofoam. Voila! Not bad for about $10! That was my project numero 2 for the week. Saturday, Ty had to go to a court of honor, so I took the kids to my parents. They were babysitting Gabe so we all decided to go to the park. It was hilarious. London was in her own world and didn't really need any help or too much attention. Madden was dangerously fearless and launched himself down every slide before I could even get to him! Gabe was slower and more leisurely about the park. He was definitely a little nervous at the slides. Unlike Madden, Gabe actually would stop and take a picture. Madden wouldn't even stop for two seconds! Seriously that's the best he would do! We went to swing afterwards and Madden would squeal whenever I'd go up! He's become such a loud child. He says, "uh, DOO, AAAHHH!!!" for "one, two, three!" He knows that when you get to three something exciting happens. What a goof. London loves to comb Madden's hair. They frequently spend time in the bathroom for her to put barrettes in his hair and he gets to put his toothbrush under the water while she does it! They love each other. Nothings better when you have children whose best friend is each other.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Post Two for Today: Just Some Videos

What's New?

Yes, I'm really that behind...again. Lots has happened in the last month. Tyler had a fab birthday. We celebrated his birthday on Sunday but, then we had to do it again Tuesday just so we could eat another cake. Both of our kids fight over licking the bowl, but this time it was ridiculous. Every time I looked at Madden he was messier and messier. This is actually him trying to steal back the knife that I had cautiously taken away. Obviously, he doesn't get enough danger or chocolate at home. He has really come into his personality. Madden is loud. He's constantly yelling, singing, or speaking gibberish. He loves to grab his and London's bathroom stool or my little chest to reach things. In fact, Madden is regularly on the kitchen counter and scaring me to death! I've also caught him on top of the piano and sitting on the computer screen to name a few. Madden and London are still best friends for which I'm extremely grateful. They had a new game the other day of sitting on a snow shovel and Aunt Madeline was running with them. Madden thought it was the funniest thing ever. He laughed and laughed. Mom and I were just enjoying the sun for a short while. I really wish it would just get warm already! Madden is still getting into every drawer that he's not supposed to be in. Oh, and he's still obsessed with the vaccuum, broom, and mop. I totally forgot to post about my new little neice, Ellie! Danny and Emily had a beautiful (tiny) little girl! London has been begging me for days for a little sister. I said to her, "If Mommy and Daddy do decide to have another baby, we can't choose if it's a boy or a girl. We have to take whatever God gives us." She thought for a second and said, "God would give ME a girl!" Well, I tried to explain it to her. It seems like I'm always trying to explain so many things to her and so many times, she tells me the "truth". She is such a character. I think her lines make me laugh daily. I told her that Ty and I were going on a date last night and she said, "HOW DRAMANTIC!" I said, "You mean romantic?" She said, "No mom, I said dramantic, OK?" Okay then. London is my biggest helper. She really does do her chores and makes her bed without me asking. I think this is partly because she's OCD and the other part is that she takes pride in being a hard worker. I don't think I could have any more children if it weren't for another little Mother around to help. London's hair is getting better in some areas and thinning in others. She's a very high strung child and I work hard at keeping her stress levels down. The smallest thing can cause her to panic. For example: If she sees a spider, she screams as if it's her life in danger. Then she sobs uncontrollably and will not touch the ground. In fact, I picked her up one time and I tried to put her back down. No can do. She wrapped her legs around me and slid all the way down to my feet so that she wouldn't touch the ground. I feel bad for my little angel. She made a huge hole in the wall while swinging on the towel rack. I heard a little voice from the other room calling, "mooom,.....Moooomm....I broke something." And yes she did. London felt so horrible. Like a typical child, she wasn't worried about the wall, she was afraid whether I was still mad at her or not. Now the towels are residing in the bathtub and we are trying to wait for the patch in the wall to dry. At least I get to paint my bathroom a different color, right? London is somewhat aware of her hair loss and brings me her medicine so that her hair will be thick. London does find happiness in little things, however. Mandy is pregnant with a boy, Monica is pregnant with a girl, and Mary is pregnant with a boy. London thinks this is the greatest year because she gets all of these cousins! This is her cause of happiness most days! Tyler's job is doing great and I'm so grateful to have him home. Life is good to us.