Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Dirty Dash!

So yesterday I ran the Dirty Dash with some friends. The race is a 10k obstacle course. I know crazy isn't?! It was unbelievably fun. Sorry about the blurry pics. They're from another camera and I couldn't download them very well. Our team was called "Good Girls Gone Dirty." I have to say there were some funny, dirty, and unique team names! I can't even tell you some of them! I started the day with a car not starting. Lucky for me, my friend, Beth, came and got me. This made us late in picking up the other girls. Along with me causing the girls to be late, there was traffic and we were afraid we wouldn't make our heat. We literally got there, our heat left three minutes before us, and we took off! We set an awesome pace, catching up to our heat, passing them, and then finishing as one of the first teams in our heat!We did the whole thing in 1 hr and 10 min! Obstacles and all! You start out running up a muddy (imagine losing-your-shoe kind of muddy) steep hill. It was alot of up hills and fortunately, down hills too. We had to climb over hay bales, walls, crawl through tunnels, run through a marsh, tire-ladder runs, slip n slide, and finish an army crawl through a mud pit. Or I should say sh#! pit because it definitely wasn't mud...It was a blast! We were so filthy. They had ice cold showers at the end of the race. You couldn't even get close to clean. There was no privacy whatsoever and we ended up changing right next to our car. These guys kept honking their horn for us to hurry up because we clearly weren't decent. Oh well! I totally just left my shoes and socks right by the showers. There was no way I was keeping those poo-smelling things! Orbit commercial, anyone?! We ran most of the race with a group of shirtless guys in swim shorts. It was fun to have the competition as well as the encouragement, so Thanks Guys! London was so shocked to see her momma so dirty. Madden wouldn't even look at me! I saw my cousin while running it and even saw my Aunt and Uncle by the finish line! Thanks for Mom, Dad, and Ty willing to come support me. They love me, smell and all! This was the first time this kind of race has come to UT. If they do it again, totally sign up!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So, What's New?

I'll tell you what's new, my kids are growing faster than I can blink! Madden is starting to stand on his own but, continues to be a coward. He's been such a naughty boy lately! He intentionally spills his milk on the floor and then lays in it. He also broke two ceramic pieces of mine also intentionally. I cleaned the first mess up and he marched right back and broke another one. I almost screamed!!! The other day he was making a mess on the floor with his milk and I was cleaning it up. Next thing I know he's in the lid drawer sucking on long lost bottles. I quickly took a picture and London says, "Mom, there's poo on the floor." I said, "There is not, don't be so dramatic." She just gave me this noble look and replied haughtily, "Then why don't you smell it?" I did. She was right. So I had to frantically pull Madden out of the lids and saw that his diaps was leaking. Eww, right? So then I had to clean him, mop the floors, and wash everything in the lid drawer. See?! He's a stink! London is really funny lately. She thinks she's such a big girl. We went to Crystal Hot Springs with our friends and London only wanted to play with the "Big Girls." Madden was content playing with his little girlfriend, Tate. Oh, to be so easily content. I totally forgot to post about Cherry Hill this summer. Finally, the last week it was opened I decided to take some pictures. London is continually in her own world. Yep, that's her completely alone out in Pirate's Cove singing to herself. She played most of the summer with Cherry Hill friends, but more often than not, by herself. Madden played with Gabe in the water and luckily his sister would bless him with much needed attention. I'm just glad that he would eat for an hour straight in his stroller to give me some down time! It was nice to have my sisters there this summer too. Mandy was such a trooper because she came regardless of the pain in her hands. Luckily, she's had surgery on one so let's cross our fingers and hope the next hand goes well! (I guess I better be careful who I post in their suits now because my brother, Dean, got mad at me. Thanks alot Chase!!!) But, Gabe took his first couple steps yesterday and I was there to witness it! They are getting so big! The other week we went to the fair, as is tradition over Dean's birthday. Tyler and I debated whether or not to follow through with an earlier consequence given to London that day. It was really hard but, we decided to go through with the consequence. This meant that London could go on the rides but, not go to the rodeo. This is also meant that no one else could go. It was definitely an annoying moment in parental responsibilities. But, she did have a blast with her cousins as always, and I got some earrings! I also got to chat with Mary and Maddie while the kids went on the rides! The other day was Mom's and my nephew, Sam's, birthdays! The next day we decided as a family to go on a hike up Logan canyon. Funny thing about that, Ty has been to Logan twice in his life. Once for a wedding, and the second time for a graduation. While on this hike (I carried Madden and he helped London) we ran into the very person whose wedding Ty went to go see. Small world I guess! It was fun to have my Uncle David, Trenton, and my Aunt Sissy and cousin Kara there too. We love you guys! It was a nice hike and we went to a park afterwards to eat lunch. Yep, that's me stuffing my face in every pictures. C'est la vie! That's about it for now! Adieu!