Thursday, April 30, 2009

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Okay, so I've become obsessed with interior, exterior, whatever design blogs. This is primarily because I have a bathroom, little girl's room, baby boy room, kitchen, basement living room and the rest of the house I want to decorate. So, I decided to write a few of these faves down. Look them up and enjoy! I doubt that this will be all of them.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My week has consisted........

of this this and thisThat's right people. I mowed the lawn Monday night. It was so long that I ended up raking the clippings ( with London and her mini rake). Tuesday I spent the morning mopping my floors and cleaning the house. I then went outside and weeded, watered, and preened my entire yard. Three and a half hours later I was exhausted, burned, and bursting with pride over my beautiful daffodils and tulips! Little did I know that sitting cross-legged, being on my knees, and bending over for that long would literally put me out of commission for three days. Yeah, I went to the gym and would come home too tired to do one dang thing. But, at least that yard looks awesome! You would be so proud Tyler!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Well, today is the Saturday before Easter and I figured that I better update on the last couple weeks before I get into the festivities. Tyler has been on a basketball league and enjoying it. I'm pretty sure that he was embarrassed that I was taking pictures. Apparently I'm the only wife who brought her camera and ever has. Oh well, London enjoys taking pictures of her daddy. That same week, Maddie, my sister, went to prom and she looked beautimous! After Maddie left on her date, I looked outside and discovered London hiking through my parents vines to see this swinging doll. We have always called the doll "Olivia" and I have to say it was pretty funny watching Lewie's efforts to get there. My mom had given her some wax lips to play with and she thought she was hysterical. She giggled at herself but, when the camera came on she was all seriousness. We have this problem where we lose London's binkies constantly. One day Tyler and I went searching and found six! The funny thing was, Loddie had to take them all with her! She even took them with her to her nap and started screaming because one out of the six fell out of her crib. I realize this is a problem. This week, as most of you know, was our ultrasound week. Of course, London screamed the minute we walked in the room because she thought they were hurting me. Since Ty couldn't be there my mom and sister were doing their best to comfort her. Even though I do have pictures of my bare belly, I don't think anyone wants to see those. But, after I was done, London said it was her turn and climbed on the table and lifted up her shirt. Her only concern was that a baby didn't show up on the screen. I think I've already said that London gets to be grumpy the longer her dad is gone. Yesterday my mom took Maddie, Monica, and I to Phantom of the Opera which was so fun. Mandy watched London for me and apparently she was a little grumpy. When I went to go get her she was a bear. To calm her spirits, my dad bought her an ice cream cone. I don't think she could've been any happier....or messier. Can't wait to see you tomorrow Ty! I hope this post lasts you until then!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Here it is.....

Yep, it's a boy everyone! We're so excited and grateful that everything looks normal! I called Tyler on the phone and could hear the stifled laugh of glee coming out of his mouth. I'll update on the ultrasound when I find my camera.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This is.....

going to be a good day. Yes, I have already decided this because by 7:30 a.m. this morning I had already cleaned my bathrooms. Later this morning I have a doctor's appointment to find out the sex of my baby, which I'm soooo excited about! This afternoon I'm going to have a rockin workout at the gym because it's back day! Then tonight, Monica is coming in for Easter!!!!! See! I told you it would be a good day! Tyler, if you read this...I'll call you about the appt! Sorry you're not here love!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Well, since the cat is out of the bag I'm going to have to apologize to Tyler's grandparents. Ty and I decided that since I basically live at my parents and cannot hide pregnancy from those who are there, that we would try and surprise his side of the family. I mentioned being pregnant earlier in almost a passing thought without any idea that Tyler's side of the family even looked at our blog. If we had known I would have screened my comments and wouldn't have written it. We knew a couple people but, told them to keep it a secret which they did. Unfortunately, the grandparents were told before we could get to them by some excited aunts. That is okay! But, for our grandparents sake, we had something special planned for you guys and sadly there's no point in doing it now. Just so you are now up to date, we are 21 weeks and maybe we'll be able to surprise you on the sex of the baby! Much love to all!