Sunday, January 5, 2014

Back to Summer Update...

The summer was seriously great.  I really worried about having a Cherry Hill pass with a one month old and taking my other two kids by myself.  But, it was just fine.  London was kind of my babysitter for Madden.  If he disappeared, she had to go find them.  Luckily the baby was fine, although she did not like nursing under a cover in the hot sun...neither did I.  
Family vacation was wonderful, as always.  Monica and I shared a room since we were both nursing.  Funny thing about that was that in the middle of the night we would be feeding our babies at the same time.  It seemed like they just always had the same schedule.

  They even napped the same time with Mandy's baby on our hikes! 
 One thing Mom and Dad did is give all the kids "Warrior" shirts and taught them about Nephi. 
 On the front of the shirts it says, "When the goings get tough. (Then on the back) the tough get going". 
So whenever we were hiking at the kids got tired, they just said over and over, "The TOUGH GET GOING!"
  We started the vacation by going to the lake first thing and letting the kids swim on the beach.  

The days are just so short when you're having a good time.  
We did all of our favorite hikes, went canoeing, 
went and got ice cream, and just had lots of fun!
 As always, I had a baby at my feet in the canoe.  She was perfect.
Dean also taught Mom and some of kids how to fly fish. 
 London became obsessed. I did try to get pictures of the other families but, for some reason my new camera takes a year to upload photos.
 Of course, we have a ritual on the Sunday that we're there, we have family pictures. Mom, Dad, Madeline, and Olivia.
Dean and Mary's Family
Danny and Emily's Family
Mandy and Trent's Family 
For some reason Monica and Brad didn't get on my camera.  
Sorry Monica, but this is what I have of you!  Oh and of course, little Russell:)

I think what I love most about McCall, was that every morning Madeline, or Monica and I would go running.  It was a time to talk to family, it was time away from work, away from the gym, and it's always a time for memories.

Before I forget, a little update on Madden.  Madden has become really quite funny.  He is colorblind and we deal with color issues on a daily basis.  he asked me if I knew that his paint set had six blacks.  It was actually dark purple, dark blue, dark green, black, brown, etc.  Other things that he asks about is how old everyone is and things about Jesus and Satan.  For example, Madden asks me how many brothers I have, I'll say two.  Then he says, "No, you have three.  you forgot about your big brother Jesus." 

Another time I was cutting his toenails and he started screaming, "Oh big brother, Jesus!  Where are you!  Please help me, Jesus!"  I started laughing because he sounded like he needed to be in a Baptist church.  I asked him why he would talk like that.  His only response is that his primary teacher told him to pray if he ever needed help.

Madden also got the flu and asked why would Jesus make him throw up.  I said that he didn't.  Madden then asked if Satan made him throw up.

The kid is pretty funny.  Daily I'm annoyed with him but, at the same time laughing hysterically.  Stayed tuned for another update!