Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birthday, Anniversary, and Other Delights!

London's birthday was a fun day. I took her to Tangled to take her mind off of her hair situation. It was so fun just to have a little one on one time with my girl. I think she needed the distraction to be quite honest. She picked her cake which was deliciously chocolatey and actually had ice cream in the batter! You heard me! It was awesome! I then picked up some pizzas and we went to Mimi's to have a party. For some reason, all she wanted was a Pillow Pet. Luckily my mom got her a lamb and she was thrilled. She's named it, "Juju." No clue why. I also got her Fantasia and she's been calling it "Alotasia." Sounds like Alopecia doesn't it. Funny girl. The steroid foam is working well for stimulating hair growth. As of now we're just going to continue that. I did have to call the Dr. and ask how her labs turned out. I was so bugged that they didn't even call me and she had the suggestion of low iron! So we had to go back to have more blood work to see if she was anemic. I was really hoping that was it because that would have been the cause of her hair loss. But, no, she was okay. They said her iron levels just must have been low that day. Madden is really starting to talk. Whenever Madden is sad or angry, he dramatically falls to his knees. It's hilarious. He loves to watch his sister and tries desperately to copy her. He even brought me an elastic after I had done her hair and wanted it in his hair! Ty and I also celebrated our fifth anniversary this last week! Crazy how five years flew by. But, the biggest occasion was that Olivia went through the temple yesterday! Lib is going on a mission to Chile and we are so proud of her! It was an awesome day to be with the family. I love you all! Now I have to go to church and be the sub in nursery. Yay.