Sunday, June 28, 2009

Funny words!

So, London is very observant and repeats alot of what she hears. Here are some of the instances of this week. Me: London, guess what? We get to go to Cherry Hill today! London: Oh my Gosh!!! I am so excited. Me: We don't say Gosh... London: We say gooness ( Goodness). One night we were sitting in my parents kitchen and eating dinner. London said, "Mom, I have a favor." Me: "What?" London: "I want a posicable (popsicle)." My grandma was also in town and she walked in our front door and London ran up to her and said, "Hi Grandma Rate!!!" What she means is Great Grandma but, it comes out Grandma Rate. I keep thinking that I need to have a folder on the computer where I can write about all the funny things London says everyday. Would it be bad to have a journal on the computer instead of writing it? I'm worried it makes it less personal. Oh well, she just cracks me up.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thanks alot Tyler!

So....Tyler told me he was going to do the next update. I don't even know why I held my breath. So, here I am giving an update. Things have been going well in the Barnes household. Our basement is moving right along and I think that Tyler has done a great job. The baby is getting big and is always active. London has been our entertainment lately and is quite the singer and dancer. We've been really busy on the Simmons' side. Mandy has had two showers and on the same day as one of those showers we had a reunion! Wild and busy I tell you! The first shower was at Mandy's friend's house. London took it upon herself to snoop around and find a closet with toys. Eventually, she wore herself out and cuddled with Mimi. She has this thing where the binkie handle HAS to be up and touching her nose. This is her fixing the handle. My niece and nephew, Sam and Ginger, had to be the cutest spectacles at the shower. Ginger isn't usually so abusive. She's quite a sweetie.Luckily, I remembered to get a picture of Ginger and Mary as well as one of me and Sammy! I love those little babies! Doesn't he look just like Dan and Emily? Mandy got a lot of good stuff. Unfortunately, we were forced to take side shots of our bellies. Mandy has got three weeks left! She's 80% effaced and dilated to a one. The family all took guesses when her baby would be here. I guessed the 22nd of June....I'm pretty sure I jumped the gun. Oh well, maybe Tyler will win the prize for the Barnes'. The other shower was a family one. I love being with my family. My aunt made the best punch. It was crushed up pace popsicles (peach) and Sprite Zero. Delicious! Tyler took another pic of Mandy and me. I wish my face stayed thin like Mandy's....Anyways....besides the swollen face and feeling huge, pregnancy is going well. I'm starting to slow down but, it is to be expected. Usually, after the gym I crash. This is a proof of my exhaustion post-workout. London usually cuddles with me when I lie down. We've been to Cherry Hill this week and will probably go today. It helps to wear her out so that at nights I have a little break. It is soooo nice when Tyler is gone. She loves the water! I can't even say how tiring it was to chase her. I'm starting to wonder if buying a pass was a mistake....too late! I also got London's hair cut yesterday. I really wanted to cut more layers in the back of her hair because it is so curly. I don't know why, but the girl cut some huge chunks and it is clearly uneven. I was really ticked because, I still want her hair to grow out. GRRR!!! Now, we're going to have to wait for the "mistake" to grow out. This is a picture of her curls pre-haircut. Oh I miss that hair! Why can't people just listen to what I'm saying! That's about as interesting as it gets here. Before Tyler left for two weeks he happened to take this cute video of one of London's singing sessions. Enjoy!