Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summer's Here!!!

Wow, it has been busy at the Barnes' house! A couple of weeks ago, Tyler had practically all of his buddies from college and their families at our house. It was so packed that London hugged her mom's legs the whole time because she was overwhelmed with all of the people. I have to say that was really fun to see everyone. I think that same week our close friends got sealed in the temple! We love you guys! It was awesome. This last week, London and I have been swimming everyday! She loves the water and her little floatie. Fortunately, her skin tans!!!! We were worried that she'd have her daddy's skin...sorry Ty. We also have a new addition to the family, Ginger Mae Simmons. Mary and Dean had a healthy baby girl on June 7th making their family number up to five! Can I say ambitious? Sorry about her picture, I was standing too close. Well, we love you all and to my family, vacation is going to rock!


Monica said...

I'm going to cry because these pictures are so great! Lu is growing so much and looks just like you when you were little...
We need to catch up, talk to you soon!

Naomi Carmen said...

ahhh, swimming sounds so good right now. i can't wait to take my kids swimming, hopefully soon. they love taking baths so i imagine they will enjoy swimming, too.