Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh, July!

Well, this month has been a blast so far. The Fourth of July is my fave holiday and so, of course, we did all of the festivities. We went to the parade where London was hiding in my legs because the fire engine scared her to death. She ended up sitting with her daddy in the shade eating candy. I, unfortunately, ate every piece of candy Luke, my nephew, handed me. I was sugared up! At the end of the parade my brother, Dean, Tyler, and Freddie (Dean's brother-in-law) got in a water fight. Oh so entertaining. Tyler and I went on a walk later that day at Lagoon Lane where London got to see the Buffalo. She loved it! That night after stuffing ourselves over two barbeques and lots and lots of desserts, we went to the mountains to watch all of the glorious fireworks. Did I mention that the fourth is my favorite holiday?