Monday, August 11, 2008

San Antonio

Okay, so Tyler was gone for two weeks and I decided to fly out to San Antonio to see him. First of all, after I landed and caught a cab to the hotel, the hotel couldn't find my name. I called Tyler a million times and his boss called me back. Wrong hotel. After walking with my luggage to a new hotel, I tried to find a hotel card for my room there. I begged the kid to just give me the key to the room number which he hesitantly did. I get up to the room and....wrong room number. After multiple phone calls again, Tyler's boss told me the correct room number. The new girl at the desk refused to give me my room key because Tyler gave the key and said this is for my wife. No name. Therefore, with no identification to link me to the room, I ended up shopping for four hours. By the time Tyler got done working that night, I was so infuriated that I couldn't care less whether I saw him or not. My feet were killing me, my back ached, and I had been too angry to buy anything. C'est la vie. Well, the next day was better. I went to the gym, caught some rays, went shopping, and went to an Imax movie...all by myself. That night we went to the Alamo and it was awesome. I hope that someday I'll go back to San Antonio, however, I doubt that I'll ever have the desire to meet Tyler at work again. Love to all! This statue had all of the names of those who had died during the siege. It was huge! Also, there was amazing stone carvings done at the base. Inside the walls of this fortress there was a huge garden and amazingly well kept buildings that truly had a historical feel. This tree inside the gate was huge! Its' branches covered the expanse of almost the entire courtyard!


Earth blog said...

Hi there!

Mindy Sue O'Bryant said...

Oh dear! What an adventure, I can only imagine how frustrating that must have been. Next time (if there is one) will be better.

Drew and Tarah said...

sounds like a great idea gone bad! i bet tyler appreciated all the effort though! you guys need to come visit az again!

Amy Jo said...

Well it will always be a vacation to remember! I would love to see all that history stuff! Is that where Camille lives?? See you on Friday.

Erin said...

Hello Barnes'!

I just stumbled across your adorable blog! This is Erin Witters, Joe's wife out east in DC! So fun to find you!

I have made our blog private, but I would love to invite you and get to know you better through the blog world!

London is BEAUTIFUL!

Here is my email:

if you send your email, I can invite you!


Carly said...

that is awful/hilarious. I am glad that you enjoyed the remaining days there.

TJ, Bong & Kyson said...

haha! funny story! miss you! why dont we hang out more? i mean geez, you're just across the street!!