Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Edition!

Okay, I failed to post about Danny and Emily's new baby boy. World, meet Samuel Daniel Simmons. He is so cute. He even has a cleft chin! Sorry, I don't know why the picture won't rotate. London and I were able to see him in the hospital. She is in love with him. Danny is such a proud papa. Welcome Sam! Well, Tyler has been gone almost two weeks and the little girl is getting restless. She has taken up to posing when she gets ready. She loves her Nike outfit! The child is a gifted model, what can I say?! We miss you Ty, can't wait for you to get home tomorrow.


Monica said...

This made me miss you guys too too much!
Love London posing, especially with the Nike outfit. Is it possible that she has grown up in just a month and a half? And Emily almost looks like she's in labor if you can spot her in the mirror's reflection in the hospital.
So, what do you say you return my phone calls, eh?
(And I'll actually do the tag. I've been bad about posting, it's become Brad's blog now)