Saturday, October 25, 2008

Causing Mischief

I can honestly say that I've got an adventurous child who enjoys teasing me. The other day I was running around looking for her only to discover her legs peeking under the clothes in our hall closet.London quite enjoys playing in Daddy's suitcase. Unfortunately, I didn't notice how tired she was until she'd fallen asleep on her knees with her head in the suitcase. London especially loves playing in the washer and dryer. Particularly when I have the wash going, she pushes all of the buttons...this is frustrating because most of the time I have to restart it! The child continues to amaze me with her lack of shame. What can I say? She's an exhibitionist. She has also learned a little trick about the Utes and Cougars from her daddy. Sorry, if anyone's offended about this. I can't control my husband....or my kid.


squeezer said...

She is hilarious. She always looks so cute, as do you!!

Chapman Family said...

I am still laughing and will HAVE to teach my children as well. We have also taught our kids: "Go...B...Y...U...COUGARS!!" And when we would say "I LOVE YOU" they would yell "COUGARS!" At the end. It was so convenient when we were talking to family on the phone and we would tell them to say I love you and they would yell. I...LOVE..YOU...COUGARS!! :) True fans. True fans.