Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Handle Bar Mustache

This message goes out to all the fellas who actually read their friend's blogs, which probably means no one but myself will ever read this little segment. I just wanted to send out a little tribute to all those who have had wonderful mustaches. Aren't they just things of beauty??? Take for instance Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, not only did he almost single-handedly take the Soviet Union to heights never before dreamed of (established them as one of two world superpowers, a status that lasted for decades after his death, see wikipedia for more details http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_stalin) and he also had one sick mustache: Not only have world leaders sported amazing 'staches, athletes commonly like to sport the look. Baseball players traditionally have had the best facial hair styles, but I can't think of any players who have done more for the mustache than these leaders in style: Rollie Fingers, Goose Gossage, and Wade Boggs... ...and of course, Rod Beck (Who might be the king of them all because he also incorporated a wicked mullet to complete the redneck look). Hulk Hogan not only dominated the world of wrestling for years, but also has maintained his celebrity status by continuing to groom that beautiful 'stache for our enjoyment and pleasure: Some athletes have tried to follow suit, but fell short of these legends. Jason Kidd had a very weak attempt, and really just ended up looking like a pedaphile: Even Hollywood has seen some impressive mustaches come and go: Burt Reynolds, Kurt Russell, Val Kilmer, and Borat! And so I tip my hat to these wonderful men and their visionary ways. They are pioneers in their respective worlds, and I leave you all with this tribute to them and their wonderful mustaches!!! Just for the record, I had about a 2 week beard, but Shelley was tired of it. I tried something new, but she hated the 'stache and it lasted for about 13 minutes before she made me shave it. The real wonder in what those aforementioned men did was convincing their wives that it actually looked good and they were allowed to keep their mustaches growing! One day, I hope to learn the secret of how to get my wife to let me do anything at all. Just kidding. Much love to all! Ty

Monday, July 14, 2008

Zion's Hideaway!

So, Tyler and I decided that while London is still little, we need to leave her while we can. St. George was our destination of choice and we had so much fun! Of course, we had to go to the Pizza Factory the first night we were there. The next day we hiked Angel's Landing in Zion's National Park in just under two hours. We were bookin it! It was so hot and we were so tired but, not quite ready to leave. As a compromise we grabbed some drinks and dragged our tired feet into the new Imax movie. I recommend it to all who haven't seen it yet. It's called, "Mummies, the Pharoahs' secret." Later that night we had to go to In 'n' Out Burger for Tyler...I went to Subway. The next day we had a nice walk around the river and did a bunch of track drills for our work out! We died in the heat! Needless to say, we may not be accustomed to that kind of temperature. However, it was an awesome vacation that was much needed. Thanks babe, and I love you!

Oh, July!

Well, this month has been a blast so far. The Fourth of July is my fave holiday and so, of course, we did all of the festivities. We went to the parade where London was hiding in my legs because the fire engine scared her to death. She ended up sitting with her daddy in the shade eating candy. I, unfortunately, ate every piece of candy Luke, my nephew, handed me. I was sugared up! At the end of the parade my brother, Dean, Tyler, and Freddie (Dean's brother-in-law) got in a water fight. Oh so entertaining. Tyler and I went on a walk later that day at Lagoon Lane where London got to see the Buffalo. She loved it! That night after stuffing ourselves over two barbeques and lots and lots of desserts, we went to the mountains to watch all of the glorious fireworks. Did I mention that the fourth is my favorite holiday?