Friday, April 3, 2009


Well, since the cat is out of the bag I'm going to have to apologize to Tyler's grandparents. Ty and I decided that since I basically live at my parents and cannot hide pregnancy from those who are there, that we would try and surprise his side of the family. I mentioned being pregnant earlier in almost a passing thought without any idea that Tyler's side of the family even looked at our blog. If we had known I would have screened my comments and wouldn't have written it. We knew a couple people but, told them to keep it a secret which they did. Unfortunately, the grandparents were told before we could get to them by some excited aunts. That is okay! But, for our grandparents sake, we had something special planned for you guys and sadly there's no point in doing it now. Just so you are now up to date, we are 21 weeks and maybe we'll be able to surprise you on the sex of the baby! Much love to all!


tyler said...

your blog is the best!
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Mindy Sue O'Bryant said...

Cory and I were there when it was announced...and we explained to Grandma and Grandpa that you were waiting to surprise them so that you could tell them if was a boy for the Barnes name. I think that they were okay with it.