Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Ah, what a nice day it should be. To be honest, it didn't even feel like Mother's Day. I got up like normal, got London ready and went to church by myself like I usually do. It was fun to get treats there and hear the cute lessons on Mothers. When I got home London and I waited for Daddy to get home from the airport and what do you know, he brought me a dozen roses and a sweet card with money in it for a mani and a pedi. He did all the diaper changing and cleaned the mess after dinner. He rubbed my back and feet for a little bit, ah......what a hubs. I have to say he made an effort even if I didn't care. It made me feel special and I have to say thanks and I love you to him. I also have to give a shout our to my mom. My MOM is my best friend in the whole world. (Other than the hubs) If I'm having a bad day, there are ONLY two people who I can talk to, Tyler and my Madre. She is always there for me and helps with London as much as possible just to give me a break. London actually prefers her "mimi" over her mommy. For a woman with seven children, my mom has made each one of us feel like we're her special child. When I was little she would tell me, "You're my favorite ten year old." and I would think, "Oh yeah, I'm the favorite." Only later did I put the age into perspective. I really hope I'm a model parent like my own parents. There is nothing better in the world than a Mother's love and I feel it everyday. Thanks for being the best ever. My MOTHER-IN-LAW is such a sweetie. She thanks me everytime I talk to her for making her son happy and for being a good mother. She loves me and has never made me feel like the outsider of the family. London loves to talk to her grandma through web-cam and it's special to see that little bond a grandma and her granddaughter have even miles away from eachother. She is truly aware of her children and step-childrens' needs. I have to say, I admire her for how equal she treats ALL of us. What a woman. I love you and Happy Mother's Day to all!!!!


Eddy and Tiffany said...

I love the dog crap comic. Gotta give that one to Eddy :)

Amy Jo said...

Nice tribute to your mom!