Sunday, June 28, 2009

Funny words!

So, London is very observant and repeats alot of what she hears. Here are some of the instances of this week. Me: London, guess what? We get to go to Cherry Hill today! London: Oh my Gosh!!! I am so excited. Me: We don't say Gosh... London: We say gooness ( Goodness). One night we were sitting in my parents kitchen and eating dinner. London said, "Mom, I have a favor." Me: "What?" London: "I want a posicable (popsicle)." My grandma was also in town and she walked in our front door and London ran up to her and said, "Hi Grandma Rate!!!" What she means is Great Grandma but, it comes out Grandma Rate. I keep thinking that I need to have a folder on the computer where I can write about all the funny things London says everyday. Would it be bad to have a journal on the computer instead of writing it? I'm worried it makes it less personal. Oh well, she just cracks me up.


Chapman Family said...

I love the funny things you do... I like the Sprite in you! Keep writing here. They are fun to share.

Todd and Ryann said...

I love it. She is so cute. Keep up the good work on the blog. I need more entertainment.