Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 4

This was another hiking day. We hiked to boulder lake which literally sits in a bowl surrounded by boulders. Dean got in the ice cold water and dragged Luke and some of the other boys around on a log. My uncle helped the other grandkids (mainly Cami, I think) go fishing. London once again walked almost the entire way. We got to the top and she played happily in the water while the rest of us had our lunch. I don't think my dad and I moved once from our spots. Only on the way down was she pretty tired. Tyler picked her up the last little bit and she fell asleep. What an angel. At the end of the trail (or beginning, however you look at it.) We ran into Grandma, Grandpa, Mandy, Trent, and little Gabe. They had brought chairs out to sit and wait for us. Sammy, of course, loves me and wanted his darling picture taken. This hike just about did me in. I felt fine on the hike, a little tired at the end, but by two o'clock I was not so sure I wouldn't be having a baby that night. Tyler went golfing with the boys and I didn't tell him because I thought maybe the contractions would go away. Finally when he got back around 8 I told him. My cousin, whose an OB nurse, told me to have a big glass of water and a tylenol and lie down. I was up all night with contractions and seriously uncomfortable. At 9 the next morning I had a bath and sat there until they went away. Thank heavens I didn't have a baby in the middle of nowhere! Just in case my cousin brought an umbilical cord clamp. I'm so glad I didn't have to use it.


Chapman Family said...

CRAZY!! Hey at least now you know what will put you into labor when you WANT to go into labor. yikes! Let's just let you chill for the rest of the vacation, k? And those are orders. Sincerely, Dr. Mo