Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A straighter nose and a blackmail picture

So after having a broken nose for quite a few years I finally got it fixed. It's amazing! I can actually breathe without whistling through my nose. I've never thought of breathing well as a luxury, but I'll tell you it is the best thing ever. I feel light headed from all the oxygen. I also had not realized how crooked my nose was. After the bandages and the stints came out I took a good look at myself and thought, "I look a little different..." Yes, that would be the straighter nose. Luckily, Ty was in town for some of my recovery and took care of me and our little angels. Right after I had surgery, I was nursing Madden and burping him. He did a little bobble-head act and slammed right into my nose. While trying to get the blood to stop gushing, I pulled out a somewhat important stitch. Fortunately, the doc says he hopes it won't separate because then I'd have a hole between my nostrils! that's not going to work for I'm just going to pretend I didn't hear that. Anywhooo...I was smart enough to document this little experience with a hideous, make-up-less picture with a bandage on my face and another glorious picture with me and London and my massively swollen nose. Can you tell I was on pain killers? My posterity better appreciate this humiliation.


Chapman Family said...

I never knew your nose was broken in the first place! Hope you feel better ASAP.

Keri said...

Congrats on the new functioning nose heehee- hope the healing goes well and fast! Hope to see you soon!

Monica said...

I appreciate it.

Ty was a bad boy and paid for last night's meal. So, we're going to go out for sushi when we come for Christmas and it will be on us!

Hope the blessing went well today!

Jim and Jess said...

Dear Barnes':

We miss you. Let's please hang out soon.

Love, Barber's.

Three Peas in a Pod said...

How is the nose feeling? I know how horrible it is I have had it done 4 times because of multiple accidents (yes my face is a magnet). Hope things are going well. Keep updating. Your kids are gorgeous