Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Food Network Anyone?

London cracks me up and it amazes me the things she picks up from other people. For example:

  • I like the food network, I'll admit it. I walked into the bathroom the other day and London was talking to herself in the mirror. "Welcome back," she said, "I'm London. Today we'll be making sour cream aliciousness (deliciousness)." I laughed and she said, "You can have the cream and I'll have the salt." Then she said, "Oh, we'll make a tart too." I asked her if she knew what a tart was and she rolled her eyes and said, "It's like a pie, MOM!"
  • I have a bad shoulder and try to hide from London most of the time the pain and my Dr.'s appts. However, the other day I asked her to do something and she said, "I'm so sorry but, I can't because my shoulder hurts."
  • London asked me if she could watch a movie and I said no. She ran into the other room where my mom was and said, "You've gotta be kidding me!" over and over again. I'm ashamed to say that I repeat this line every time she poops in her diaper.
The girl in funny. It was my birthday the other day and her and Mimi went shopping for a present. They came back and I asked how the shopping was. She said, "Mimi bought you a shirt!" My mom said to London that it was supposed to be a secret and she just gave a naughty smile. Ah children, such joys. Thank you to my parents for making my b-day so nice and always helping me with my kids. You're the best!


Kristy and Dave said...

Aw, that's cute. She is adorable. Happy Birthday by the way!

Camille Hammond said...

It sounds like she and Kali's girl, kenzie, would get along great. I think Lily will follow in their path!

Ashley said...

Shelly - I've been blog stalking you for a while now. We are just cracking up right now about your adorable daughter. You are beautiful as always - hope you don't mind if we take a peak at your life every once in a while. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Jeff and Whitney said...

She has such a cute personality. Got to love sassy girls!