Thursday, April 22, 2010

Okay, Somehow I got most of them back.....

The links of blogs that I deleted, that is. Some people haven't invited me to their private blogs because ours is under Tyler's e-mail. I guess I should change that too. Besides that, I'm once again reminded that I've been neglecting my updates. It's not that I don't remember, it's that a part of me is just hoping and wishing that Ty is going to pick up the slack since HE'S the one who set up the blog.....wishful thinking. wishful. Life at the Barnes' has been good. Madden is starting to crawl, backwards mainly, but he's rocking back and forth like a champ. London has been a big help to Mommy and is seriously quite the "towel folder." My mom made this darling skirt and put matching pom-poms she made onto a shirt and and barrettes. Totally cute, right?! I'm sure I have the funniest stories of things London's said, but I'm drawing a blank. Madden continues to be a Momma's boy and loves to give kisses. He's had pink eye, and has learned to shake his head "no" every time I come hither with the drops. Such a smarty. The other day I heard him crying during his nap. I walked in and to my horror, he was completely under the blanket with his head pinned down to the mattress. I hurried to pick him up and he was soaked. I mean sweaty and so wet that his hair was stuck to his head. This is how he looked. You can see my lipstick marks all over his face because I couldn't quit kissing him. He's just too dang cute! Madden and London continue to be best friends and she makes him laugh all of the time. It's great to have kids who love each other. I just hope it lasts.... video


Monica said...

He looks like Sam, a bit!

Very cute. And I love your green wall--I'm glad you decided to do it