Thursday, May 20, 2010

What the heck!!!?

I know, I know, time flies and I haven't even updated. Seriously, I feel like I've done a post and the next thing I know, I'm completely behind. Well, our family has been going through a stressful patch as of late and decisions must be made and it's causing me to be even MORE forgetful and anxious. Tyler has been home so it's been nice to have him near. The kids are loving seeing daddy so much. I feel like I'm a visitor in their world because although Madden wants me most of the time, he and London light up when their dad comes in the room. At least I'm there to clean for them, right? My thoughts exactly. I walked in the study and found them all lying on their bellies while Ty read the kids a book. The funniest thing was that Madden was listening as intently as Lewie was! Our little Madden is crawling everywhere and has only had one tumble down the stairs....I'm the worst mother ever. Fortunately, he just slid down the stairs on his belly but, I still felt like crap. I've noticed several differences over boys and girls. When Madden gets hurt he cries for about one second and after being soothed, he'll promptly go back to what he was doing. London would cry and cry, need constant soothing and "oohh I'm sorry.."'s He can also beat up on London and I tell her frequently, "London, you're bigger than him. He shouldn't be able to hurt you." It's like teasing comes naturally to little boys. When I'm changing his diaper he rolls immediately and crawls away giggling hysterically. I just think it's funny that he knows he's being naughty! In addition to my daily habits I've had several projects. A clock, two urns, and a dresser, to name a few. The clock was an oak framed one. I sanded the frame and primed it with Gripper (it's a primer for already stained wood). I then painted it with antique white and used a dark glaze for a little contrast. The two urns had been outside in my driveway. I decided to use them indoors and bought new pots for outside. The urns needed a little scrubbing and then I sprayed them with a plastic friendly paint. Then I used the dark glaze again and wiped the excess with a towel. I have a couple ideas on what to do with these urns. I'm thinking the stair landing with some long branches for one but, I need some more ideas. Bueller? Bueller? Okay seriously, if you have any I'd appreciate it. I'll have to show you what I do with them later and the dresser because this post is way too long and you've probably quit reading! Here's a little clip of the man!


Kenzie said...

I feel the exact same way... "at least I am here to clean up". I swear I am the one to birth her, take care of her all day long, kisses and hugs, books, baths etc. etc. and as soon as daddy walks in the door its like I am the boringest thing on the face of the earth. Oh for mothers day she looked right at Joe and said dadda. agh kill me. great mothers day gift right?!? Love your posts!

Monica said...

I have a feeling that I don't have the creative gene you obviously have from mom.

Looks beautiful!

Jake said...

tyler told me to do this

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