Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I feel like every holiday, birthday, or Father's Day, I just write a list of wonderful things my fabulous husband does. But, the truth is, he's like that all of the time! He's such a great dad. Ty always gets up with the kids (now that he's home and VP of iGlobal!) in the morning. The other day Ty got up early to watch some World Cup before the day got started and let Lewie watch some cartoons. London went up to him a little later and said, "Dad, there's smart, and then there's K-mart smart." Then she went on her merry way while he was laughing his guts out. It's things like that, that make me laugh and appreciate that my husband loves and enjoys our children as much as I do. He reads to them all of the time and teaches London B of M stories daily. I love having a worthy priesthood holder in the home and I'm grateful for is attendance with me to the church and to the temple. Tyler is inspiring to me and others. Ty and I laugh constantly and there's no one I'd rather laugh at than him! He's such a goof and luckily appreciates my dorkiness as well! He's affectionate towards me and the children and as an affectionate person, it means a lot to me! I couldn't imagine it if my husband didn't kiss me or spank my bum in public on a daily basis. How boring! Most of all I'm grateful that he lets me be the blunt, sarcastic, overly honest, gym rat woman that I am. Anywho, love you babes. Thanks for being all that you are and taking care of me and the kiddos. Love, hugs, and bum rubs, Shellsie


Dave Lucy & Marley Gurney said...

Ugh your so pretty! Its just not fair! :)

WAB 5 Family Inc said...

Happy Daddy's Day, Ty, we love you and your whole cute family!