Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tea Parties and fun

So yes, every year my mom does a tea party and I know you're all wondering what the theme was. This year it was Paris. I was a French Maid, London was a gypsy and madden was Vincent Van Gogh. You can't tell but he's chewing on a paint brush the whole time. Mia was Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Mandy was her version of the pink panther as was her neice, and Gabe was Inspector Cluseaux. Mom, Maddie, and the Grandma's were Parisian ladies with lovely hats. Emily and Mary wore dresses so I guess they thought they were Parisian. (Try again next year, right Mares?!) My mom is so fun to do this for us. We had a little etiquette lesson and a huge spread of food! Everything was decorated with Parisian flair, meaning an Eiffel tower, lanterns hung from the trees, and darling plates and tea cups. Let me give you the menu: Fruit kabobs, peanut butter kiss mini cookies, chocolate cookies, sugar cookies, stuffed mushrooms, bruschetta, mini cheesecakes, olive and pickle skewers, cucumber sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries, a no-bake pizza, and a delicious punch! Whew! At the end my mom gave the prizes. Guess who won best costume?...ME! My prize was a darling apron that my mom made. Isn't it daring?! I can't remember what Emily's title was, but she got a hilarious shower cap! In a mad rush after the tea party, we ran to SLC to see Ty's family because they were in town. It was good to see his sister and her family and his mom. We miss you and can't wait to see you again! The grandkids are all getting so big! Luckily I snagged some pictures of Ty's sister Becky, Arycca, and Sister-in-law, Tess! Gotcha! I do have to say, Scott's was my favorite picture. Classic. That's probably enough for now but, today is my son's birthday and I have to say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDIE! I'll update on the days festivities and our vacay next time! Adieu!


Jim and Jess said...

I am so jealous. What a FUN looking party!! And your apron is ADORABLE!!

Um, I can't believe Madden is ONE! Holy Moly. Happy Birthday to the Handsome little guy!!!

PS Did I ever send you an invite to my blog? If you need to send me a different email address, send it to

Love and miss ya!!

McCall said...

That is such a cute and fun idea! What a darling mom you have.

Monica said...

Just to remind you, My name is Monica, not Maddie. And mom looks thrilled in that group shot.

Emily said...

Ha, ha, monica I thought the same thing. Shelley, I should hate you for putting that shower cap picture in. Actually the picture of me at the reunion is 20 times worse. Great updates!!

Hale-O There said...

That is the funnest idea and wow she goes all out. Love your apron! You look great!!