Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I'm pretty sure this is the best year ever for costumes at my parent's party. Everyone looked awesome. I walked into my parents house and saw that Madeline was John Stockton. Unimpressed, I looked at this black stranger and thought, "Oh, that must be Karl that Libby?!!!" Yes, it was Olivia. She looked hilarious and won the ultimate prize. I think Madden was not quite sure whether it was his aunt or a stranger who sounded just like her and vaguely resembled her. I bet you're laughing at her right now just as I am. Mom and Dad were Donny and Marie. London asked my mom who she was an she answered, "Marie Osmond." London said, "Oh! Marie Osmond lost fifty pounds!" There's a sign that maybe she pays a little too much attention to the Nutrisystem commercials! Danny and Emily were spies while Sammy was an elephant. Unfortunately my lighting was really bad in that picture. Sorry guys! Dean and Mary were a caveman and cavewoman. Mia was a firequeen (not the devil). Luke was a Power Ranger and Ginger was a poodle. Mandy was Cleopatra and Trent was Caesar. Gabey was our little bumblebee. Lastly, our little family included London as Mulan, me as a geisha, Madden as a a froggie, and Tyler as a Ute fan. My Dad and brother's were really unimpressed with his costume. His shirt said, "I pored beer on Max Hall's mom." Mom had really fun ideas for the party that just couldn't happen because of the rain. Those plans included s'mores and pumpkin carving. But, everyone was able to dip their own caramel apples in chocolate and toppings. They were sinful. Dinner was delish, dessert was at an excess, and the company was awesome. Even though London only went to three houses, she was thrilled! She thought that her and I were absolute twins. She kept saying, "You look just like me!" Madden was, of course, sensitive and pensive most of the night. I couldn't even get him to smile for a picture! I'm pretty sure this was almost a moment of tears. Almost!


Hoenes Family said...

Love it! I wish I could go to my families Halloween party! :( Loved the costumes. Libby's is downright hysterical. I also loved Tyler's outfit. Taylor thought is was hilarious.

Camille Hammond said...

Love it! 2 years ago Robby was a Utah football player-he painted his eye black and was all banged up and wore a shirt with the score of the game. Oliva is very funny!

Monica said...

I have soooo many comments running through my head right now that I simply can't narrow it down.

Best costume party, indeed! Brad and I didn't even think of dressing up. We even sluffed our ward's halloween party.