Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Diagnosis and A Handsome Boy.

I'll begin this post with the conclusion of London's hair issue and pictures of Madden in his new suit. We took her to a specialist last week and he confirmed that she has Alopecia Areata. Her blood was tested for Lupus (Apparently Lupus patients lose their hair in her same pattern) and her antibodies will show whether or not she will lose ALL of the hair on her head. The doctor didn't think it would be Lupus or that it would be Alopecia Totalis (Which is the entire head and face hair loss). So, for now we are grateful that it is what it is and not worse. London was so great. She didn't even cry when they took her blood. Afterwards I asked her what I could get for her and she wanted a bagel from Albertson's and a special drink from the gas station. (That's a fountain drink) She's handled it all really well but, is basically clueless as to what's been going on. She has a steroid foam we put on the bald spots and that should stimulate some hair loss. On a happier note, our family went to the BYU basketball game last Saturday. It was so fun! Madden actually fell asleep in my arms. He's such an angel. London was up and down the bleachers with Mia, only coming to me for M & M's. It was fun to be with the family and I had a great time. It was impossible to get a great picture however. I will close this post with a fun video of the kiddos. I was in the study and I heard them laughing hysterically. I grabbed the camera and caught Madden in his teasing moment! He's such a goof!


McCall said...

I'm so sorry about London, Shelley! That's really unfortunate- I hope the doctors can do something to help!

Bec said...

Madden looks so big in his handsome suit! I'm sorry to hear the diagnosis, but grateful it won't be total loss of hair. You are all in our prayers. Love ya!

whipplewife said...

It is so fun to hear the laughter of London and Madden! I miss you all so much! We continue to pray for all of you and hope that the foam cream will work perfectly for London! We are grateful that it is treatable and that you know what can be done. Hopefully, London will never know! Can't wait to find out how her birthday was! Talk to you soon! Love you all!