Sunday, April 17, 2011

Finished Projects.

Well, let me do an update on the family first. London is getting so tall and thin! She wears size 5 or 6 in little girls and I'm amazed at how her pants keep shrinking in length! London is obsessed with babies. She loves her new neice, Ellie, and asks daily for a little sister...still. Poor child. She held Ellie for a long time during General Conference, and was so proud of herself! I finally finished the bathroom where London ripped the towel rack out of the wall. I put on a mesh patch, covered it in a joint compound, sanded, and repeated! I picked a blue-grey paint for the bathroom and love it! It was such a relief to get it done! Here's a before shot. And the after. That was my first project. My second project for the week was filling that urn I had painted and glazed. Wasn't it so ugly before? I filled it with styrofoam balls and squares. I then cut my faux flowers with wire cutters and packed them in the styrofoam. Voila! Not bad for about $10! That was my project numero 2 for the week. Saturday, Ty had to go to a court of honor, so I took the kids to my parents. They were babysitting Gabe so we all decided to go to the park. It was hilarious. London was in her own world and didn't really need any help or too much attention. Madden was dangerously fearless and launched himself down every slide before I could even get to him! Gabe was slower and more leisurely about the park. He was definitely a little nervous at the slides. Unlike Madden, Gabe actually would stop and take a picture. Madden wouldn't even stop for two seconds! Seriously that's the best he would do! We went to swing afterwards and Madden would squeal whenever I'd go up! He's become such a loud child. He says, "uh, DOO, AAAHHH!!!" for "one, two, three!" He knows that when you get to three something exciting happens. What a goof. London loves to comb Madden's hair. They frequently spend time in the bathroom for her to put barrettes in his hair and he gets to put his toothbrush under the water while she does it! They love each other. Nothings better when you have children whose best friend is each other.


whipplewife said...

Can we go to the park when I get there? It looks like you are all having so much fun! Love you all! See you in July! I drive up with Becky on the 18th.

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