Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm ashamed

Yes, it really has taken me quite a while to post.  I think I even missed posting about  Thanksgiving, my birthday and Christmas.  Oi vei, I am ashamed.  Things in the Barnes' home have been chaotic, to say the least.  I have had some medical issues that were unexpected and I'd like to blame it on fatigue for my lack of posting...but it's laziness pure and simple.  Gratefully we've had some wonderful tender mercies thrown our way.  
I'm on the mend and on a nice little cocktail of medication that should bring me back to my healthy, happy self:)  Tyler has been so great during this process and I'd be ungrateful to have him as a spouse and not voice my appreciation in his support.  I'm sure he's about to divorce me over the medical bills, but hopefully he still loves me amidst the drama!  The kids are getting so big and saying the funniest things.  London told Tyler and I the other day that Jesus was no longer on this Earth even though he was resurrected.  Like the proud parents that we are, we said, "That's right!"  She was also proud and said, "Yep, Jesus lives in the woods now."  Completely confused we just looked at each other.  Finally, Tyler asked, "Do you mean the woods where Jesus and Heavenly Father appeared to Joseph Smith?"  She said, "Yes that's what I JUST SAID!  Cause I just know things and nobody told me."  It's odd the things that totally just become confusing in a little child's brain. 
To go back to my birthday, it was such a simple day and celebrated by eating cake and ice creams at my parents with all the fam.  
Oh, and Monica made the biggest, baddest, most delicious chocolate cake with ganache on the planet.  It was hilarious how huge it got. 
It was great to see Monica, Brad and Clara.  She's such a cute little mix of both of them.  London and Tyler had spent some time making me a chain necklace for my birthday. London had told Tyler that she wanted to give mom a gift just from her and it had to be a necklace with diamonds and hearts.  That's exactly what they made and it was absolutely precious.
My parents gave me an awesome magnet board that my dear mother spent so much time making and painting.  I love it.  I also loved the money and gift cards for some garments. 
Best gifts ever. This year we spent Thanksgiving with Tyler's family...or Aunt's and Uncles and cousins.  That was a rough day.  I was feeling so very sick and had to teach at the Turkey Burn at Gold's Gym.  After being there for four hours, I was so sick and physically exhausted that I really couldn't even eat Thanksgiving dinner. 
I pretty much just watched everyone else and tried to hide my wheezing chest.  Madden also had a croup scare during this time and we spent an entire night at my parents so that my dad could check him.  Tyler stayed up all night with Madden and I slept for two hours and then woke up to go teach my early morning class. 
Wow, it was a stressful night.  Madden went back on the nebulizer but, this time with some steroids.  Tyler kept saying how he knew our son was going to be big and strong and a pro football player at a young age.  Sheesh.  Now that it's January and the holidays are over, I can admit that I'm always a little depressed after Jan 1.  I miss the family gatherings, the surplus of food, and presents.  Yes, I love presents.  Who said you can't like a gift after you become a mother?  NOT ME!  
We had tried to get the grandkids to take a picture for the Christmas card and would you believe it?  They all held still!  London was so proud to hold Clara during the picture.  
She's become quite a photographer.  Stealing my camera at all times and taking really....really unflattering pictures of everyone.  I have one of my butt that looks absolutely huge.  It's hilarious.  They she took some pictures of, you guessed it, pictures.  At least now I can document what frames I used for what pictures, right?  
We did go to our yearly jaunt through temple square.  
It was tiring, cold, and short!  Ha!  
Everyone was so cold that we jetted it out of there right when the massive crowds were coming.
The kids loved the lights despite the cold.  
It was Madden that was continually running away and causing us serious anxiety.
We went to my grandparents for Christmas Eve this year.  
It's always the same, always my most favorite way to spend Christmas Eve.  It's just the best.  London and Madden were hilarious.  
They were constantly talking about Santa and when he got there they just couldn't leave the poor man alone! 

We had a talent show and London was so excited to sing that she would make me practice her song with her since before Thanksgiving.   
We slept at my parents' house so that they could enjoy some believers on Christmas morning and for our enjoyment as well.  London was a nut that night.  
She was up and down, "I forgot Santa's cookies!  I forgot to write him a note!  I forgot to put food our for the reindeer!  I need to eat!"  She was a mess.  I literally thought she was going to be permanently hyperactive after that night. 
She woke up at 3:20 a.m. and went to my parents room.  At least this year she went back to sleep in their bed. 
Last year London woke up at 4:45 and never went back to sleep.  Funny how she never comes to wake me up...probably because Papa is a pushover. 
We had to wake up to open presents earlier anyways because we had church.  
Tyler and I had to sing in our ward choir and Tyler had a solo.  
The kids were  awesome.  
They loved their gifts and my parents were way too generous as was Ty's mom and Bert.  We were definitely spoiled.  
By the end of the day Ginger and Madden both collapsed on my dad.  They were both so out and so hot, I'm sure my dad was sweating under all of that weight.

Just a couple updates:  Madden and Gabe are obsessed with Thomas the Train.  They both have little trains at Mimi's and got little movies for Christmas.  Madden loves to wear his Thomas shirt (said with a lisp) and watching Mickie Mouse Clubhouse.

London cut Madden's hair.  We've been growing it out and it is beautiful and messy most of the time.  London decided to cut a lock of his hair and I discovered this only after finding the locks hidden in the bathroom sink...not the garbage for some reason.  When I finally got it out of her why she would do that she said, "Because Madden is a boy and he can't have longer hair than me!  My hair is beautiful.  His hair is handsome...when it's short."

London and Madden have races with his trucks through the kitchen.  London has a whistle in her mouth and yells, "One, Two!" and then she blows the whistle. Funny enough, she has to be in front so Madden never wins.  He doesn't seem to care though.

Tyler's new business is doing well. He loves his job and is working night and day, day and night to make it a success.  I'm proud of him and grateful that he helps out with the kids during some days so that I can teach my classes.

Until next update, have a good January and keep those resolutions!