Thursday, January 17, 2013

uh...Has Four Months...okay Five!, really gone by?

Um, I'm ashamed.  Really I should be posting about the hilarity of my children lately lest I forget, but it's been a little hard.  Here let me give you a hint.

  This is a picture that Madden took of me making dinner yesterday. 
Yep, baby number three is not only well on it's way, it's a girl!  My excuse for not posting has been that this baby made me so darn sick Aug through Nov.  But, now I'm feeling tons better since we're on the downhill.  So much has happened lately that I haven't even posted about.  In the fall we, of course,
went to the fair where Madden fell asleep before we even got there.

 He rode his first mini rollercoaster.  London giggled the whole time and Madden just went around with a terrified facial expression.
  Mandy came with us with her boys to Peach Days.  
 We had several people commenting on the twins, meaning Gabe and Madden. 
Unfortunately, Mandy and I were not feeling too hot at the moment but, Tyler took the boys around to look at the cars.  They loved it!
London failed her hearing tests in school. I had no idea she couldn't hear until I took her into the Dr.  Long story short, she got her tonsils and adenoids removed and had tubes put in her ears.
  Poor gal was in misery for a good two weeks but, such a trooper.  She came out of the operating room trying to cry for me to hold her but, her little throat hurt so bad.  What an angel.
  Before that we did have Halloween at some point and my memory is kind of sketchy on details.
  I did have a birthday on Thanksgiving and my mother gave me some fabulous maternity clothes.
  You can see how pleased I am:)  Madden and London were just downright excited over my birthday.
 This year, I shouldn't forget to mention, London started ballet. 
She had a recital in December and my mom and I spent so much time on her hair and make up
.  London felt so grown up.  I have to say, she was so darling and the cutest one up there.
 That girl knew her routine! Madden did ask me if he could take ballet too, but I had to tell him that Daddy would be very upset if he were to do that. 
I think he figured it out at the recital.  My sister, Mandy is fabulous at keeping touch with our grandparents. 
I feel so grateful that I've been able to catch rides up with her stay close with them.  Also, it's fun because not only am I pregnant, but Mandy AND Monica are pregnant too!  That's enough for today but, I'll post on Christmas sometime later this week.

Fun Facts:
-London is learning to read with a voracious appetite.  So proud.
-London and Madden quote the "warm-up suit" scene from Despicable Me with regularity.
-Madden wants to name the baby "Sarnafina."  Which is really Saraphina, the cat on one of London's barbie movies.
-London is obsessed with Les Miserables and watches it consistently on TV and listens to it on her ipod.  She wants to name the baby Cosette.
-Madden makes up words just like London did.  Ex: Colorish.
-London and Madden will watch a movie together holding hands....everyday.

That's all for now folks!