Monday, July 14, 2008

Zion's Hideaway!

So, Tyler and I decided that while London is still little, we need to leave her while we can. St. George was our destination of choice and we had so much fun! Of course, we had to go to the Pizza Factory the first night we were there. The next day we hiked Angel's Landing in Zion's National Park in just under two hours. We were bookin it! It was so hot and we were so tired but, not quite ready to leave. As a compromise we grabbed some drinks and dragged our tired feet into the new Imax movie. I recommend it to all who haven't seen it yet. It's called, "Mummies, the Pharoahs' secret." Later that night we had to go to In 'n' Out Burger for Tyler...I went to Subway. The next day we had a nice walk around the river and did a bunch of track drills for our work out! We died in the heat! Needless to say, we may not be accustomed to that kind of temperature. However, it was an awesome vacation that was much needed. Thanks babe, and I love you!


Jim & Jess said...

What a fun Vaca!! Just the two of you?? So Tyler will be gone Saturday? Bummer!! Of course you can come by yourself! We're just a bunch of friends hanging out! I have to make sure The Whimpey's can come too though. If not, maybe we'll just plan another one some other time. You have some SUPER cute pics of you and London. I can't believe how big she's getting!!

The Whimpey Clan said...

Hey Shell! It has been to long since I have seen you!!!! Your little getaway looked sooooo relaxing. I am sad you are leaving on your family trip this week but i hope you have a blast. get some sun for me! Little london looks so grown up- she is such a doll. Rome and her are a perfect pair!!!! Have a great trip and I will see ya soon. P.S. I am working on my blog so you will have to let me know what you think???

.caroline armelle. said...

we going to zion's in august and i'm debating if we should take ezra. i'm thinking i want to leave him home...we'll see.