Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Edition!

Okay, I failed to post about Danny and Emily's new baby boy. World, meet Samuel Daniel Simmons. He is so cute. He even has a cleft chin! Sorry, I don't know why the picture won't rotate. London and I were able to see him in the hospital. She is in love with him. Danny is such a proud papa. Welcome Sam! Well, Tyler has been gone almost two weeks and the little girl is getting restless. She has taken up to posing when she gets ready. She loves her Nike outfit! The child is a gifted model, what can I say?! We miss you Ty, can't wait for you to get home tomorrow.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Growing up

I've come to accept that my little girl is growing up. The other day she was in the back seat saying, "Watch, Mama!" she said it over and over again. Finally I said, "What London? Show me." Then she did a little dance and sang song full of gibberish. Oh she's cute! She also has learned to hide from me under the sofa table where can eat her "chocut" in peace. This past week she's been acting like she's want to potty train. Mind you, she is a year and a half so this kind of surprised me. After squealing and making a fuss, I finally took off her diaper and let her sit on a potty her size. What do you know! She pooped! (Sigh) I'm ashamed to say that I pouted a little that night because it was a reality shock! Does the time just fly people? This is a picture of my angel almost exactly one year ago. Now this is a picture of London today. not only does she look bigger but, she's learning how to flex her muscles. Oh, the pains of parenthood! Just kidding! I love being a mother and I can't even put into words the love my husband and I have for this little stinker! Love you Lewie!