Thursday, August 13, 2009

Busy Week for Blogging

Since Tyler just left, I'm going to have to update him frequently on the appearance of our little boy. I hope nobody gets annoyed by so many posts. Also, I never finished the McCall Trip. So, I believe day four.... or five is in order. Okay, on Thursday we went jet skiing. My mom was not pleased that I considered getting on a jet ski. I promised I'd go really slow. I ended up having a pretty good time and didn't have to slow poke around the lake. I spent most of the time sunning on the dock. London was hilarious. She LOVED jet skiing. She kept telling Tyler that he wasn't going fast enough. When I took her out she said the same thing. Then she went with Mimi and Poppa and told them to "Go faster, go faster!" What can I say? We've got a wild child. Tyler got some really sweet shots of a pregnant woman's fat butt driving away on a jet ski. Fortunately, I'm doing this blog and that fat butt is history! Everytime I look at these jet ski pics I can't believe how big London looks. She's so big! After jet skiing we went to Ice Cream Alley. I don't know why but, my family has an obsession with it. I think Tyler and I went three times...or two. I can't remember but, it is delicious. London loved it. She even played in the garbage a little. She had a bubble gum ice cream and Luke kept saying, "London, can I have some? You can have some of mine!" I think he was impressed with the blue color. We were the last people to leave the Alley because London was not quite done. At one point I looked over and she had stuck her cone in the slats of the table. She said she needed a rest. London did end up finishing her cone, regardless of how full she was. What can I say, she's her mother's child.