Thursday, August 13, 2009

2nd Post

Friday was really our last full day at McCall. We went canoeing. I think the kids were kind of half and half on who liked it and who hated it with a passion. Here I got a picture of all the kids staring at an airplane. It's funny how they all have the same expression. London, like last year loved the canoe. She also took a rest at my feet (like last year) and frequently asked for snacks as is her habit while swimming or by water. This is her laying down between my legs. We always have a good time on this canoe trip. We have a tradition of jumping off this rock. Dean did a gaynor (s?) off it and I so wish I had one of those quick cameras to get the shots. Tyler and Dean took London and Mia and Luke across to the rock. It's ice cold water so they were not comfortable to say the least. London was so proud that her dad was jumping off the rock that everytime he would go she'd say, "that's my dad!!!" Shortly after returning to my side of the river, London took off her swim diaper and immediately pooped. This is her doing the walk of shame to the bushes with daddy to cleaned up. My cousin Walker has a reputation for tipping canoes. Good news was that he avoided our canoe because I wouldn't be able to get back in. Unfortunately for Libby, Maddie, and Katie; he was after them. Somehow they avoided him the whole time. Also near our little beach, there was a deer that seemed quite tame. Weird. I tried to get pictures of the family. Emily says that Sam is such a cheeseball. Whose the cheeseball now Em? So London fell asleep at the end of the ride by laying her on my leg. This was cute, but my toes were in a pointed position in order to support her head and that night, my calf was killing me! She even slept after we got out of the canoe. This is almost unheard of from this little child. We were all pretty tired at the end of that day. Can anyone say brothers?