Wednesday, February 17, 2010


First let me say "Happy Birthday!!" to my sweet angel, London. She's three!!!!She wanted a picture of her hair and then took the camera to take a picture of her pasty mom. So, is it just me or am I getting worse in my frequency of blog updating? Okay, I'm going to commit to a resolution and try to update once a week. That said, let me give a run down of my life lately: First of all, I'm feeling better and the kids are too.....however, the hubs is starting to get our sickness. Hopefully, it will be better for him. Because we've been so homebound, we have tried to have little family nights for London because she, like me, gets serious cabin fever. We've been having picnics and movie nights in the family room. These pictures show us watching "Emperor's New Groove." Madden only wanted to cuddle and London laughed and laughed the whole time. She is such a funny girl. The other day, I was feeling guilty because I'm been distracted, sick, and just plain tired and have neglected my little girl. The solution to relieve my guilt was to have sole attention on London. I gave her a bath, blow dried her hair, straightened it, and curled it. As a result she became a vixen and told me she need pictures. I've got to tell ya, she worked the camera! I thought it was hilarious. For Valentine's Day I made London pink pancakes, pink eggs, and pink milk. She thought it was the best thing in the whole world. She and Madden got new red outfits. While I was getting ready I had put Madden on the bed. The next thing I know, she climbed up there and was singing to him. She is such a little mommy! Onto London's birthday: I cannot believe that three years ago yesterday, I had a little baby girl. It seriously seems like I had her yesterday. When I look back at her baby pics, I think, "Oh, it was so fun to dress her up!!!" On the morning of her birthday this week, I woke up at 2 a.m. to her screaming in the basement. I knew it must have been a nightmare, but low and behold, she had tried to go the bathroom and couldn't get her pj's back on. After helping her out and finally getting back to bed, she came upstairs ten minutes later. Since Ty and I don't let her sleep in our bed, she slept on our floor! London talks in her sleep....a lot. That said, we had a sleepless night. The first thing she said when she woke up was, "Do I get presents?" That was the line we got all day long. ANNOYING!!!!! She got a dress and a My Little Pony from Ty's mom, lots of princess and coloring stuff, and a purse, panties, quilt, and pj's from my mom. Wow, spoiled. We had a lovely birthday dinner of pizza and salad with a dessert of lots of cake and ice cream! My mom's neighbor got married and gave my mom two cakes! Needless to say, I did not make a cake. Instead we had ice cream (with wedding cake) and I put out bowls and bowls of toppings.....I had no self control people. None. Nada. I was sick last night. Oh well, it was a fun day and I can't believe my little baby girl is three. Don't blink.


Hoenes Family said...

It does go so fast! Your kids are so cute. I am also glad to hear that you guys are feeling better. That sounded awful!

Jim and Jess said...

THREE?? How is that possible.

Seems like a lifetime since we've seen you guys!! I can't believe how cute Madden is. I need to kiss his cheeks.

Let's get together soon! We miss you!

naomi carmen* said...

happy birthday london! she looks so cute with ehr hair all done up in that one picture. cute!

i wish isabelle would not sleep in our bed, how does london not climb into yours? i am such a wuzz, i'd rather sleep han fight with her. hopefully she'll outgrow those days soon.