Friday, July 23, 2010

Another Update!

I failed to wish my sweet nephew, Gabe, a Happy Birthday! That little darling turned one and we had a special party for him. Mandy made him his own little smash cake and we all had hats. He was really unimpressed with his presents obviously, but at least London, Luke, and Mia were happy for him! We got the funniest picture of all the kids and Trent and me holding the little babies. You'd think that Trent and I were a couple or something! Only after we took it did we think that it might look a little strange. Madden was somewhat perplexed at the occasion but, oh well. He got passed around as much as Gabe did. Poor Gabe was so tired but, somehow reached right for his cake and dug in. He's the ONLY child I've ever seen go right to town. I guess we'll have to see how Madden is on his birthday in a couple weeks. Can't wait for that, right?! Anyways, Happy Birthday my sweet Gabriel.