Sunday, July 18, 2010

Part Deux

I guess the good thing about having the Fourth on a Sunday is that you literally have three days of a holiday. So, Sunday was our second celebration. We met Ty's siblings, mom and stepdad, and step-sibs for dinner and early fireworks. Madden really loves my necklace as you can see. London loves her cousins but, McKinley loves to terrorize Madden. She crawled all over him and he'd just lay there and cry. He's already learned that the women are the bosses. It was so funny. We had a delish bbq in Ty's brother's backyard. London was loving the camera and having one on one time with Daddy. She'll tell us, "I'm jealous of you guys." She says this whether we're hugging each other or holding Madden. Clearly, that word has been abused a time or two. London also took way too many blurry and useless pics. At least she got one of mommy and daddy. When we did the fireworks, we did it when it was still light. London, of course, loved them, but this time Madden was not so pleased. He HATED the flowers. Everytime they'd start he'd scream and Ty or I would have to walk away. What a sweetheart. He's such a boy. Madden has started standing on his own and hopefully he'll want to walk AFTER family vacay. It's been a good month of July but, I really am ready to get out of Dodge. Can't wait for the vacation!!!!!


McCall said...

I love your outfit!

Arycca Brothers said...

Madden's such a good sport about being pushed around, Kinz loves playing with him