Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bowling Night!

Friday night, Ty and I decided we really need to take the kids out and have some fun. London has had a hard week and we wanted to have the least stressful time we could think of for her. London has been losing her hair in some spots for a while now and we've been VERY worried about her. She has every sign of Alopecia but, until we get in to her pediatrician, we won't know for sure. It's been a lot of sleepless nights for me worrying over her vanity. I don't think she's quite caught on to how much hair she has lost but, until then, we're going to try and distract her from her hair. So, bowling was a great solution! We walked into Boondocks and the kids' eyes just lit up. London ran around saying, "I want to play that...and THAT!" Madden immediately ran down the lane and we had to go chase after him. He fell promptly on his padded bum. A worker ran over and said, "I'm SO sorry!!! Does he need ice?"'s a one year old. All he does is fall on his butt. London was beside herself with how much fun she had. Every time somebody would bowl, Madden screamed so loud and long. Ty and I couldn't quit laughing at him. He did run away the whole time and would press other people buttons on their monitors. Some days Madden is just more than I can handle! After bowling, we let the kids go on a tiny carousel. London thought it was fun at first, but then I'm pretty sure she got bored. Madden was unsure of the thing the whole ride. He had a death grip on me and kept looking at me like, "Get me down, Mom!" It was a good night and we'll have good memories from it. Please say a prayer for my little London and her hair. She loves her hair and I can only imagine her despair if it all falls out.


Mindy Sue O'Bryant said...

I hope that everything works out with London. No matter what-London will still be awesome. My cousin has alopecia so if you have any questions I can hook you up.

Jeff and Whitney said...

She is such a cute little girl! That has to be hard to handle at that age, or any age. Let us know what happens! I'm sorry!

Waltman said...

Shelley, I hope London is ok. Sorry to hear that. You will have to keep us posted.