Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Recap!

Wow, this is going to be a long one and I'm ashamed I'm so far behind. Last year my New Year's resolution was to post once a week. Apparently I'll be repeating that goal yearly. This has been a really busy, fun, fattening, and exciting last month. Ty's mom has been in town and we've been able to spend some good time with her and Grandpa. The week of Christmas Tyler surprised me with this: Well, not this exact one but, the picture I took would not load up! I was shocked. I had no idea. All of a sudden my mother-in-law, father-in-law and his son, and my mom showed up at 8 at night! I thought, "What is Tyler up to?" Next thing I know I'm forced into my bedroom to sit and wait. When I was finally allowed to come out I saw my brother, Dean, my Dad, Ty, and our friend Phil. To be quite honest, I was embarrassed with all the attention but, extremely grateful. Apparently Phil pretty much carried the piano into my Dad's trailer himself. Ty said we should have just strapped the thing to his back and it would have worked just as well! It was such a good surprise. London saw it the next morning and her and Madden pounded on it all day. London asked me, "How did Santa get that in his bag?" I said, "He has a really big bag!" She paused and said, "Not THAT big, MOM!" I just laughed and didn't say any more! She also calls the Piano the "Play Plano." Christmas Eve day was spent at the gym, then the movies to see "Tangled" (thanks to grandma and grandpa Whipple), and then we headed up to my grandparents. Already, we were tired but, London was so excited to see Santa. I think she was preoccupied the entire day focusing on that. We got way too many presents and ate way too much food. There was a program by grandma and of course, a talent show. I'm still kind of bugged all of the men wussed out of doing ANYTHING! Santa came and scared Madden and Gabe to death. London, however, was very pleased to be on his lap! By the time we left Madden was out for the count and London was still wired over the arrival of Santa! We told her a passing plane in the sky was Santa's sleigh. We said he goes so fast that his sleigh looks like it's on fire! She had an amazed look on her face and said, "Santa's sleigh looks just like an airplane!"...Yeeesss, it does, doesn't it? We spent the night at my parents. We say every year that we won't do it again, but this year my parents' don't have one "Santa Believer" in the house. Therefore, we had to go and share in the fun! Our kids were up at 4:30 a.m.!!!! London was so excited she woke up Madden, then Ty and I got up, THEN my parents got up to take London. She got in bed with them and Madden got in bed with us. None of us slept. Finally we got up around 6:00. The kids were wired. Madden played with Papa's golf clubs until we finally went downstairs. London received a bike for Christmas. She was so happy. Unfortunately, she could not ride the bike and look up at the same time. So she'd run into the cabinets and tip over because she was trying to watch her feet pedal. I was pleased to receive a sewing machine from my parents and a white side table for the family room. Yes, I am wearing a plaid, flannel nightgown! What's it to ya! After a quick jog with Madeline and breakfast with my family we headed down to Grandma's to see Ty's family! By this point, London was so exhausted and moody as was her little brother. I finally rocked Madden to sleep and put him in the other room on a couch. London got a bike helmet and kneed pads from G and G Whipple for Christmas and Madden got some sound books. They loved them!We usually play games and stuff Christmas Day night, but Tyler was so exhausted we headed home around 7:00 p.m. and went straight to bed! What a day! That in a nutshell was our Christmas day!


Mckenzie said...

How cute, I love when you post.
your family is such a riot. looks like fun.